Saturday, November 24

Gym ?

It has been almost half a year since I signed up for Virgin Active Health Club  and I love it.

At first it was all about losing weight, but to my own amazement, I'm starting to love exercising. I'm actually loving the feeling of pushing myself to the maximum. Do one more push up, do one more sit up, do one more lunge, run one more round. There were times I was so exhausted I just collapsed after coming home, waking up the next day not even able to lift my arm.

Gone are the days that I dreaded walking / exercising. Although my weight isn't dropping and my calves aren't getting any smaller, but I love the effects inside. I started out wanting to reduce the size of my calves but now I'm embracing it, liking my body much more than before. I really do enjoy going to the gym and seeing all these people working out together. Not forgetting the hot Asian trainer (who probably is the only Asian instructor. Wah cannot even describe how hot he is. Today I got to get a close up look and he has gorgeous eyes man, and also he likes Man Utd. Paired with bulging muscles and arm tattoos. WOW FACTOR)

But I'm faced with a dilemma. There's a gym at the apartment I'm staying at next year and I was thinking of terminating my current gym membership. However I really want to go to gym classes (which is the only thing I do at this gym haha)

The problem is probably money. My gym costs $90 a month, which if you do the maths yourself is almost RM300 a month. I was thinking of getting a part time job and paying for my own gym membership so that I wouldn't have to convert but then again I'm afraid I wouldn't have the time. But then again I also said in the last last post that having no time is bullshit.

Should I terminate my gym membership or continue ?

I know man, my blog posts why all so sien recently.
I will be back with more pictures, fret not !

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♔ Intuition ♫ MagicDrag ♔ said...

Continue going la or else how to see hot guy oh ? Hahaha