Dressed up / Haul.

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I really love dresses, they hide my short legs so well !
I figured wearing dresses to school should be fine because Melb Uni students do that everytime but every time I dress up, people would ask "wah why dress so nice to school ?" when it's just like a  really casual dress.

Then one day I dressed down and wore tee and shorts, more than 5 people asked me why I wore so simply. That was when I realize, people will never have enough opinions about the way you dress / the way you look.
A preacher at church once said that women dress up not to impress the guys but to look better than other girls but guess what, I just want to impress myself in the mirror.

So yes, the weather is warming up so time to pull out all the skirts/dresses ! :))

IMG_6312 copy
#1 Nothing new in this picture.
Just found a pretty formal lace dress and pulled a Jumper over it.
Dress : Valleygirl 
Jumper : JayJays
Bag : Mimco. 

IMG_6404 copy
#2 Maxi skirt on windy or colder days ! 
Skirt : Kitschen
Top : Mango 

IMG_6509 copy
#3 Nothing new either but I love the floral prints on this one !!
Jacket & Dress : Forever21

DSC_7198 copy
#4 Banana Republic. 

#5 T-Joue  on Olivia's birthday.

IMG_1965 copy
#6 Aqua Twill Long Sleeve Wrap from inlovewithfashion.com for Ming Fei's birthday.
Got this at a really cheap price cos it was on sale. 
Loved the colour but it was a little too short and the top part was really oversized and this was supposed to size S. Inlovewithfashion.com has really nice dresses but they're always too transparent / too short. 

IMG_5925 copy
#7 Vintage Floral Print Dress I wore to Tulip Fest is from inlovewithfashion.com too.
Didn't cost over $15 ! 

IMG_6402 copy
#8 Not a dress but I love it ! So comfy can.
 Hearts&Bows Aran Knit Boyfriend Cardigan : Asos
Boyfriend Jeans : Levis
Haha funny, just realized it's boyfriend cardigan and boyfriend jeans.

IMG_6403 copy
Really oversized but so comfy.

IMG_6400 copy
Doesn't keep me really warm though, too many holes.

IMG_6437 copy
#9  Figured I needed more non-black tops.
Hearts&Bows Gold Collar Tip : Asos
Lace Skirt : Padini

IMG_1521 copy
Finally found one I liked in nude but the stitches were really bad.
The threads kept on coming off and they weren't stitched properly so it looked really crumpled / stretched even though it wasn't tight.

_MG_5369 copy
#10 Bought this right before my birthday from a Korean lady on Bourke Street.
It's actually a place called Fashion Park on Russell/Bourke with a few fashion stores from Korean, Taiwan and China. I didn't like any of the rude Chinese storekeepers but the Korean lady was so extremely nice that I had to go back and get something. She recognizes me everytime I visit after gym !

_MG_5591 copy
Fortunately she gave me half price on her dresses, even though it still costed a fortune after discount. The quality of her clothing is damn good though. Really love them.

IMG_1510 copy
#11 Another from the Korean Lady.

IMG_1514 copy
All her clothes are brought over from Korea so there are only a few pieces for every kind !

IMG_1512 copy
Really good quality and worth the price.
Getting cute $20 dresses may give you variety but I doubt any of them will last.
So yes I have 17 dresses in Melbourne already !
Probably can't fit into some already but I'm working on it !

Recently also, my jeans got shorter
IMG_6465 copy
Do ignore my not-so-skinny-or-long legs. 

There are two possibilities.

  1.  My jeans shrunk in the dryer.
  2. My legs grew longer
By faith I'm gonna believe it is the latter. 
Need new jeans but will have to wait till I get back to Malaysia.
Time to study ! Same to all you SPM students reading this.
All the best everyone ! 

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