38 degrees !

by - 7:41:00 PM

Summer is evidently here. 
It was so hot today that every breath I took felt like I'm inhaling steam from a pot of boiling water. I can actually feel the heat of the air everytime I inhale, that was how hot it was.
I know Malaysia probably is hotter but you get to sit in a car / air conditioned room everyday so it doesn't really matter. It's so hot to even stay at home here.

Which is why today, after Maths2 exam I headed to Melbourne Central to do some window shopping.  Honestly didn't intend to buy anything except for an iced drink.

Until I saw the $20 bracelets I badly wanted half a year ago selling at $5 each. 
Wanted these pastel coloured arm candy so badly half a year ago but felt it wasn't worth $20.


The colour is so pretty right ! 

Can't believe all you SPM people are done with high school already. My last paper for my Trinity year would be on Tuesday. Time really flies, has it been a year already ? 

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