Wishlist 2012.

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Every year around this time I would post my wishlistand yes it is intentionally designed to be posted right before my birthday.

But just as a disclaimer, this blogpost is not written to beg for presents as it is a wishlist, not a iwantyoutobuymethis list. Probably more than half of the things I am about to list can only be fulfilled by me, so my skin isn't that thick after all.

Wishlist 2012

#1 To wake up and be free from asthma. 
I have suffered asthma all my life and I think it probably is my fault since I'm always drinking iced drinks/ice cream/sleeping past 10 but wouldn't it be amazing if I could just wake up and have completely clear lungs ? Never understood why people with perfect lungs would want to smoke it all away. 

#2 Potion that allows me to eat and never grow fat 

Wah best. Cannot even imagine when someone invents this. 
I would be swallowing buttered breads / instant noodles for supper every night lolol, Also this wish would go very well with my other wish which is to have a whole box of macaroons all to myself. 

Is anyone as sick as me about choosing which flavour of macaroon to get ?

I take extremely long to choose flavours because I want all of them, just that I don't have the heart to spend so much money on these little babies. Same goes with any kind of dessert. I'm the kind of person who picks dessert over savoury any time of the day (yes, even breakfast). 

Also as a subwish, I want to lose 10kgs before December.
Wish me luck.

#4 Australian currency to fall lower than Malaysia's
Don't even think this is possible but its a wishlist and not a must-have list right.
 Man, if AUD and MYR switched places, macaroons will all be only RM1. Cannot even imagine the joy.

#5 Celebrate my birthday with my family / hometown friends.
Which again doesn't seem very possible at this moment unless airasia gives out free tickets and all exams in Malaysia gets cancelled. Really missing mum's red wine mee sua and Sitiawan Kompiang ! 

IMG_4944 copy

IMG_0119 copy

Not denying that I also miss the angpao I get from dad's friends every year hehehehehe. Advantages of having dad's birthday right before mine.
Missing Sitiawan so much right now ! So glad my buddies just created a Sitiawan Kaki group on Whatsapp, you know who you are ! :)) 

#6 Prada Tote
Behold my first materialistic wish on the list. 

I see this bag practically everywhere in Melbourne but it never fails to get my attention. I can stare at it for extremely long and never get bored of it. Trust me, I have a picture of the handbag as my iPad wallpaper as motivation to study.

One day, one day I will be able to earn enough money to get this for myself. 
It comes in so many colors !!!!




Bright blue

and so many more other colors I've seen on the streets !!
Ok so apparently I just realized that the kind of food I like to eat is actually pretty  similar to the kind of handbag I like. 

Look at this, doesn't it look like strawberry cheesecake ? Totally does to me. 

#7 Juicy Couture Trinity Canvas Backpack

Juicy Couture backpacks have been on my wishlist for two years already and I never end up buying any of them but I figured, what better time to buy a backpack named Trinity when I'm studying in a school called Trinity College ?

But then again, Juicy Couture isn't very famous for quality or functionality. 

#8 A new phone

First of all, iPhone 5 has just been released and my phone's lock button and home button decides to malfunction. Dad ! Don't you think this is a sign ? HAHA 

#9 Kikki K notebook

Nothing makes me happier than food and notebooks. In fact I have a whole collection of expensive notebooks from all over the world at home.
Notebooks as in paper notebooks. 

If you know me well enough you will also know I am a crazy fan of Kikki-K stationeries. I am that person who went through all the trouble to create 3 different Kikki-K accounts and went to 3 different Kikki-K outlets all over Melbourne just because they were giving out $10 vouchers.

AND GUESS WHAT, since its my birthday month I have another $10 voucher !!

and I totally met the love of my life. 

Sadly it costs $30 and I am still waiting for the day when I actually put that money down to buy this. 
Tweeted my dilemma and someone replied 

"Are you looking for Macs or Windows ? I know some stores that sell notebooks at very reasonable prices. Tell me if you need any help." 

$30 for a notebook is just extremely stupid but ok I have a very funny definition of happiness and already own a few over $30 notebooks at home. I know man what is wrong with me T__T

#10 A boyfriend (?)
Ok maybe not a boyfriend.

Just an extremely handsome male friend. 

preferably tall

and muscular,

makes people drool.

and just as a bonus, speaks Korean. 
Corresponds to my other wish of visiting Korea after I learn how to converse in Korean. 

I don't want a relationship or a boyfriend, I just want to be friends with someone extremely good looking.
Googling pcitures of Taecyeon and Dong Hae really makes me weak in the knees man, how can they be so good looking ?? 

So yes, a whole year's worth of wishes in 10 points.
Term 4 has officially started ! I am honestly excited for this term. 
First day of term, caught up for a movie with some friends and had half price Korean BBQ dinner where we met a cute Korean waiter who tried really hard to converse in mandarin with us. Too cute :) 

My dad always says : 
Like what you do, not do what you like 
is what my dad always says and I would not deny that sometimes I enjoy studying. Of course there are a million other things I would rather do than study, but when I have to study, why hate it and stress out over it when you can enjoy it ? 

Anyway, ALL THE BEST EVERYONE, I hope everyone have a great term !!

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