What's a friend ?

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Studying in a foreign place where I need to make new friends often makes me ponder. What does a true friend really mean ? 

and most of the times, my answers are found in the friends I have back home, the people who always stuck around and never left even up till now. I cannot even keep count the times I've taken these people for granted.

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A friend is someone who is close to the heart no matter where they are. 
They are the people who know you, sometimes even better than yourself. They know how ugly your insides can be yet still loves you. Seen your temper, seen your attitude, yet accepts it. 

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The kind of people you've been through ups and downs with. 
Friends are not people you have always gotten along with. Its the people who never leaves even after rough times filled with arguments and quarrels, maybe even fights. 

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We're on separate paths, and we have our new friends but we are friends enough to know that nothing can replace each other in the hearts. 
Friends are not people who change for you but the people who change with you and grow with you. They're the pillow you fall back on, the home when you're not at home. 

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Friends are not the people who want to impress you or make you happy all the time. They're the people who are not afraid to tell you in the face what they think of you. (Usually in my case is that I'm too fat and wil have a hard time finding a bf but everyone knows that is not true hehehe.) They're the people who gets all your jokes, teases you but never takes it to the heart. 

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Even a million miles away, friends are the people who will always be there for you.
It amazes me sometimes how blessed I am to have friends like these. Reflecting upon myself, I'm sometimes not the best person to get along with but these people, they just never left.

Love you guys too much. 
I hope I'm as good a friend as you guys are to me. 
Can't wait to get home to reunite with everyone.

What is your definition of a true friend ? 

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