My father.

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If we are friends enough you would have probably noticed how much I like to talk about my father. I talk about him like he is infallible and I guess to a certain extent, I actually do think he is infallible.

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I have a pretty cool dad. 
He is the person all my old friends knew and the person my new friends want to meet. 

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Over the years, my father has provided us with so much that I don't even know how am I ever going to repay him. He has just been constantly providing us not just financially but in our education, pouring out his whole heart to bring us up to be useful people.

Few of his wise words
"Never say its too hard and you can't do it. That closes up your mind and eventually, you won't be able to do it."

"Even if gold fell from the sky, you would still need to work. You still need to walk over, pick it up and sell it only got money what."
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I am constantly reminded by how much dad loves us. Back in high school, when I say I love you to my father, he would always reply something along the lines "Daddy loves you tons man, more than you can ever imagine."

Did I tell you he's damn lame ? He was the one who kept on referring Maths 2 as Mad 2, a subject only mad people take lololol Whatsapping him would be the funniest.



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Everytime when I ask why he doesn't want to expand his business into the city, his reply would always be the same : "Do you want your father to go to the city every few days and come back only on the weekends ? I still want to eat dinner with my family every night."

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Everytime I ask why he doesn't send us to the city for private education / send us overseas for high school, he would always say "No, all of you are mine until you graduate from high school. All of \you are going to stay in Sitiawan with me until you finish SPM"

My deep love for Sitiawan, I owe it all to my father. He has never stopped showing us the beauty of Sitiawan. I remember the days when we used to fish together, and the days we used to cruise around in his speedboat. These are memories that nothing can ever replace.

And today he celebrates his 18th birthday  yay my forever young dad.

IMG_8572 copy
Love this picture we all look so happy here !

Yes I was born a day after my father and it was a privilege growing up celebrating my birthdays almost every year with parties with my father. Looking back, they were such good parties !
and though we are far apart and probably won't have the chance to have October parties again for a while, I'm celebrating this special day with my father in my heart !

IMG_8606 copy copy
Love this picture again cos we look so alike here !!
To my cool, funny, wise, lame and loving father,


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Forever young ah ! Thank you for working so hard for your kaki boros in Melbourne.
Wish I can celebrate today with you ! Love you !!

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