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Tomorrow is the day when countries especially in the West celebrate the festival called Halloween. In Melbourne, there were celebrations since Saturday. If I'm not mistaken there was a zombie parade on Sunday. People usually celebrate this festival by dressing up and trick or treating.

If you're here hoping that I would post some pictures of the zombie parade or shed some light on the celebrations of Halloween in Melbourne then boohoo to you.
This post is actually here to express how much I dislike Halloween.

Halloween isn't that much of a big thing in Malaysia and I was always curious how it would be but one thing for sure, I HATED it when Disney Channel replaced all my favourite cartoons with scary movies like Are you afraid of the dark?

Tell me you remember this show. I hated it.

Everytime the theme song came up I will get so scared I'll change the channel immediately. 
Ok fine I admit its my own problem. There is a reason why at the age of 18 I've never watched horror movies before. Unless you consider paranormal activity 3 and Jack Neo's movies to be horror movies.

I've never slept in my room back home although I had one because I was too scared to sleep alone. When I was in primary school I remember being afraid of the word "suddenly" . I used to scare myself every time the word suddenly appeared in my Enid Blyton books. Well just to summarize what I just told you

I'm a chicken.

but that's not the only reason why I don't enjoy Halloween. 

#1 People dress up as the dead, the injured, the dying.

On Sunday, crowds of people covered in blood, bandages and scars across the faces and bodies strolled around the streets of Melbourne. There was a dog who was bandaged all over leaving one eye open. There was a nurse with ten needles poked into her back. There were people with wound openings laying all around their body like they've just been burnt / slashed / cut.

ITS HORRIBLE to be walking on the streets and all these bloody images of proper humans crossing the road, buying a hotdog, waiting for the bus. I honestly get scared and cringe at thesight of blood and wounds. These people look like they've gone to a professional artist to perfect their look because they honestly look quite dead / injured to me. Goosebumps hello ? But what's worse ?


I really want to illustrate this by posting a picture but no, too gory.
It boggles my mind why people would want to dress up as the dead, injured or the dying and CELEBRATE IT. Isn't that what NO ONE wants to happen to them ?
Some argue that it is FUN 

FUN ???????????????
Did you mean dressing up as if you've just got hit by a car ? 

Am I the only person who does not share the same view on this FUN activity ?  No I don't wish to be covered in blood one day and NO I will not PRETEND that I am covered by blood even for a day. I mean who wishes for that ??? 

Obviously I'm not having a very HAPPY Halloween. I'm fine with Halloween and whatever its there for but I really dislike this negativity and horror walking all around the city.


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