Fei's surprise 18th.

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Last Saturday, we successfully surprised my friend Fei on her 18th birthday with a BBQ party.
Favourite pictures of the day :

#1 Prep team. 

IMG_1924 copy

IMG_1961 copy

IMG_1963 copy

IMG_1920 copy
Gotta thank this girl here for the balloon string.

#2 Surprise
IMG_2023 copy

IMG_2013 copy

IMG_2018 copy

#3 Food
IMG_1992 - Copy copy
There was obviously more food than these.

#4 Misc
IMG_2094 copy

IMG_2113 copy

IMG_2104 copy

IMG_2059 - Copy copy
Love this picture ! So dreamy can !!!

IMG_2046 copy

IMG_1988 copy

IMG_2042 copy
Happy Birthday Fei Fei !
Finally legal ! Now you will have to pay full price if you get caught tram hopping .

Recently I've been extremely busy with my studies.
Drama exam is coming soon and final exams are also inching closer.
But fret not, I'll be back. *shuffle shuffle*

Meanwhile here's a joke :
Why can't a bicycle stand ?


because its two-tyred. *Ba dum tss*

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