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Today, I am no longer illegal. 

YES I AM FINALLY LEGAL, which means goodbye indemnity forms / under 18 forms and hello alcohol, free sex and clubs. Ok not really, I'm just exaggerating. My friend from church suggested we go to Alumbra (a club) and chat over oreos and milk. Considering that the only "beer" I drink is Ginger beer, which isn't even an alcoholic drink, I don't think my parents have anything to worry about either lol.

All jokes aside, being 18 has its perks, but I can't deny that I still want to be a kid. It feels like I'm slowing stepping into adulthood, which means gradually leaving that place of dependency. Where is Peter Pan when you need him ?

This year, I've done things I've never expected myself to do, so here is a list of the significant things that I've achieved.
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#1 Relationship with God. 

This is by far my proudest yet, to be able to grow with God with the most amazing UL. 
I believe I wouldn't have made it through so many things without the love of God. He has just been blessing me with so much ! Encountering his presence for the first time this year was phenomenal and I am so glad that I made the decision to attend Planetshakers.

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#2 Got over my emo period.

This year was filled with friendship and relationship problems but God pulled me through. I am glad to say that I'm loving Melbourne and loving my life right now. All these problems taught me to always be joyful and praise the Lord even in the darkest times. Being happy is your own choice and should not be decided by someone else.

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#3 Got closer to my sister. 

In all my 18 years, I've never been this close to my sister and again I thank God because without my sister, I would never have went to church and would probably still be stuck in #2.
She has shown me so much love throughout this year and I am so grateful that I finally get to have this bond with my only sister.

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#4 Travelled to Central Australia
Can finally say that I can survive in the wilderness. HEHEHE.

Here are also a few goals from last year 

#1 Make a list of goals : CHECKED 
#2 Get a boyfriend  : Still in the process :(((
#3 Get 10As for SPM, if lucky 11 A : Luck was on my side ! CHECKED.
#5 Get a domain and new header : CHECKED.
#6 Decided what do with my future : CHECKED.
#7 Grow up : CHECKED !!!!!

Soon to achieve this year

#1 Serve at church !
#3 Get into Melbourne Uni Commerce, an average of 90 above if lucky please.
#4 Find a boyfriend sigh.
#5 Lose 10 kgs. 
#6 Learn how to cook.
#7 Get my driving license
#8 Get invited to at least ONE nuffnang event (Movie premiere included)
#9 Meet more bloggers.
#10 Breakthrough in Peekashu.com

I am at awe at how my life has developed in one year and now that I am stepping into Chapter 2 of my life, I just know that God will do greater things and will continue to pour out a double portion of blessing. 


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