Coober Pedy

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Somewhere in Southern Australia lies an interesting town called Coober Pedy or otherwise better known as the Opal Capital of the world.

This places stores plenty of Opals thus attracted many miners, turning it into a mining town. All my life I've never seen a mining town and I was pretty shocked when we were at Coober Pedy. I mean, doesn't Opal Capital of the world sound like an extremely grand place ?

The most interesting thing about this place is that it has desert climate, making it extremely extremely hot in summer. Which is why 60% of the town is buried underground.

IMG_1638 copy
All the little hills have houses buried underground. 
Underground the temperature always stays around 25-27 degrees, keeping the people warm in winter and cool in summer. We had the chance to visit one of the underground house and a catholic church.

IMG_1623 copy
One of the underground catholic churches. 

IMG_1652 copy
Dining room in one of the underground houses.
Funny the houses look no different from normal houses except for the rougher walls and ceiling. It was spacious and really cooling. 

IMG_1653 copy
They even have carpeted floors ! Which was a shock to me. I mean like, underground carpets, isn't it hard to imagine ? 

IMG_1662 copy
This was above the ground but it seems like the underground houses in a pretty deserted town looks much better than a lot of houses in Malaysia. Can totally picture people feeding each other grapes in the above picture no ?

Another interesting fact about this town, it has almost no rainfall at all. 

which is why we had to shower like that :
IMG_1613 copy
Only 4 minute showers for every one. 

IMG_1072 copy
We stayed in an underground dorm too but ok I hated that place.
It was so so so dusty that you wake up in the morning with dust sticking to you.

IMG_1045 copy
The underground dorms with curtains as doors. 

IMG_1049 copy
Love my room mates too for putting up with my nonsense. 
I feel like an extremely spoilt person after this trip. Need to start living independently !

Played around at night while we gazed at the star-filled night sky. 
IMG_1067 copy

IMG_1070 copy

Coober Pedy was one of the places we visited I found very interesting. Although interesting, I cannot think of any other reason for anyone to want to build a family here.
We stayed here on the second night of the trip and also the second last night of the trip. Guess which day I got a sinus attack ? Had to suffer from sinus and asthma relapse all throughout the trip. 
I really thank God for just sending me such nice campers who offered me tissue and cared for me :') Cannot love them enough ! 

Will be back with more updates on Central Australia !

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