Are you rich ?

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What does the word RICH mean to you ?
Some women would define rich as owning branded bags, big houses.

Boys may define rich as the type of car a person drives.
Personally I find this car really ugly. Whats with the hole in front ????

But does it mean only just that ? 

Everytime I have a conversation and the topic on wealth comes up, someone would have to say "Aiya Shuwen's family very rich one la." and usually I hesitate before answering. My usual response would be "Nola where got, who say one." and then adding "my family where got rich"
Reason for hesitation ? I think my family is pretty rich.

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Every night we have dinner together, we enjoy plenty of laughters everyday, we talk about nearly everything, we care for each other and we love each other. Is that not being rich ?
To overlook what my father has worked for this family and all the good times we've had by saying "nolah, my family very poor one" , I feel its just too unappreciative.

To add to that, I believe there is power in the words that come out from our mouths. How can a person be rich if they're constantly calling themselves poor ? If my words can affect my life, I don't want to be the one denying that I'm rich and confessing I'm poor because no one wants to be poor. The only problem is that I cannot say "yeah my family is rich" because people will then label me a show off. Which is why the answer is always "no, we're poor."

Is my family rich ? Yeah we're rich. We have a rich relationship with each other filled with joy and laughter. Is my father rich ? He is, rich in wisdom and moral values. Am I rich ? I believe so, I have a blessed life and I'm truly happy with everything.

In regard to material things, we have enough for a comfortable life.
So what is your definition of being RICH ?

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