18th Birthday Party #1

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As I have posted at least a million times on every social networking site, recently I turned 18. In total I had 4 cakes and felt like I celebrated 4 birthdays since everyone was kind of confused which day it was so 4 days I got texts/wishes from people.

This blogpost will be on the surprise birthday party my sister hosted for me. Cannot thank God enough for a sister like her !

On that day, the plan was initially to celebrate my birthday with my sister at a French restaurant in Toorak and boy was I excited. I googled the restaurant, I chose the perfect dress and for the first time in my life I tried on make up myself.  As my sister and her friend's apartment is connected on the 7th floor, she told me we would need to go buzz her friend back to her apartment before going for dinner. At that point I was so oblivious to what was happening that I didn't even know we were on the 7th floor.

But guess what I found on the 7th floor ?

DSC_7124 copy

DSC_7134 copy

DSC_7132 copy

DSC_7105 copy

DSC_7138 copy

DSC_7198 copy

DSC_7201 copy


So grateful for everyone who came.

IMG_1723 copy
Grateful for these girls who came and help my sister out. Dave too !

IMG_1722 copy
Love my UL for celebrating with me the second time and also Nicole who tried so many times to find out what kind of cake I like.

IMG_1695 copy
Fei Fei who wore a skirt to the party :')  Love her !

The ngong mengs.

IMG_1781 copy
Henny who tried to get information on who I would like at my party, asking me questions like "If the world ends tomorrow and you can save 10 people, who would you want to save?" and also recording my conversations with her and sending them to my sister. She also gave me the dream catcher that I wore for the whole night !!

IMG_1757 copy
Jason who told me he wouldn't be celebrating my birthday because he won't be coming back to Melbourne in time and that I'm not so da pai that he needs to fly back so early.

There are many more people I would love to thank but this blogpost cannot go on forever.

IMG_1710 copy
So most of all, I want to thank my sister who organized this, invited people, decorated the place, got the food, even got my Malaysian friends to write me wishes and planned the perfect 18th birthday party. I believe it was a successful surprise since I did not suspect anything at all.
SO GLAD that I decided to wear a nice dress and make my hair nice for the day.

IMG_1766 copy
Also love the board my sister made for me !
Who can ask more of a sister ?
Don't cha wish your sister was amazing like mine ? Well boys, lucky you she's single !

IMG_1830 copy
Thank you everyone for the birthday gifts. Lovisa accessories from Henny and Su Ann, Dream catcher from Henny, Kikki-k diaries from Amanda, Melvin, Joel, ZiYan and Katherine, toy from Jason, and Body Shop pack from Betty, Jonne, Fei, Samuel and Brandon.

Also what surprised me was the box of cards with wishes from my closest bros from Malaysia ! I actually sat in my room and cried over every single wish. Even Kenny who has been calling me fat since we were 4 was so sweet !

Here are a few lines I will always always bring with me

  • "If there's a recipe for making a Jae rwen, it wouldn't be complete without the essential 'friendship with Shuwen' ingredient."
  • "No matter how the world may define you, nothing defines you better than that very long list of people that loves you so much. Choose honour over disgrace, choose happiness over grief, choose purpose over wealth, choose hope over disappointment, choose belief over insecurity, choose LOVE over hate."
  • "No drinking, no practicing free sex, no smoking and start looking for a boyfriend."

Oh man, having such sweet people really feels like my life is just perfect
Now all I need is :

IMG_1827 copy
Alnick's height. Possibly Alnick's weight and a boyfriend too.

I should be at the gym right now, or rather studying but I'm too much a devoted blogger. Thank you everyone for the wishes, gifts etc etc. Appreciate them a lot ! My 18th birthday wouldn't be so amazing without any of you.
Stay tuned for birthday post #2 !! 

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