18th Birthday #2

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Thanks to the Albert House people, I got to celebrate my birthday again with hi-tea ! Thank you so much to Sarah, Wilson and whoever planned the whole thing. Appreciate it lots !!
I don't really have much pics so sorry if it's all me. I remember having more pictures but I don't know where it is haha !

_MG_5369 copy

_MG_5578 copy
Everyone say 'Hello Sarah' So cuteeee !

_MG_5560 copy
Hello Wilson ! He was the one who asked me a month before my birthday "Your birthday is on Tuesday right ? Where do you want to eat ? What kind of food do you like ? I need to find a new bakery" Extremely sweet ! Lucky to have a friend like this !

_MG_5459 copy
The people who went ! Not everyone is in the pic though.

IMG_1844 copy
Ok all the other pics are group pics and idk what to caption so here is a pic of my cake.

_MG_5591 copy
and like me with my double chin, and my cake.

_MG_5361 copy
Loved the whole setting of the shop !

IMG_1837 copy
My favourite macaroons !!!!

That was my celebration with the Albert House people
Few days before that my UL got me a cake too during UL !

IMG_6099 copy

Then few days later Joan went to Houpton Tea Rooms with me

IMG_6202 copy
Definitely one of my favourite places to have tea / cakes.

IMG_6209 copy
Love this girl !! Today we were just talking about how we met and it's funny how there are some people you try so hard to find topics to talk to and there are the people who you can just roll and say anything with.
Joan is the latter :))

IMG_6206 copy
Ok I shall end this post with a pretty macaroon and the pretty lace.
I'm done with birthday posts, from now on my blogposts will contain a lot of content on studying / short posts with pictures as focus. This is because I really need to get into Melb Uni (before I get a bf) and I really need to stay away from the computer.

Heh, see you ! xo

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