Wednesday, September 5

Invisible Man.

Today I want to share this amazing song sung by this amazing person. 
Invisible Man by Ivan Loo.

Ok I think it is very obvious this song is for the #foreveralone, like me.

I wish you'd look at me that way
But you don't even know I'm alive
Baby, to you all I am is the invisible man 

In every kind of relationship, don't everyone hate to be the invisible person ? 
I for one would hate a gathering where I am invisible at because I like attention.
I've wondered about it, and came to a conclusion. In every occasion, there needs to be an invisible man. I mean think about it. If everyone was visible, who should I look at ?

Someone once said "This world needs leaders, but more importantly, it needs followers. Not everyone can be a leader."  Make so much sense right ?
I don't even know how I  came to that conclusion from this video.
Just watch it and subscribe to my bro TheIvanFactor on Youtube !

Come on, his voice really good and he's quite cute right ? Don't know why he didn't look so cute back in high school. Enjoy !

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