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Most people who know me and has seen me will probably realize I gained like a million kgs since I came to Australia. My face is as round as a moon and my legs are so fat I cant even.

So guess what ! Instead of being a couch potato, I've finally signed up for gym !
I honestly hesitated because like most of you know, I'm a huge fan of food (Check out all labelled food posts HERE) and I don't do sports mainly because I suck at every sport in the world. (even virtual ones, watch me play wii sports and you'll know)

IMG_5106 copy
My fat brother's disbelief. 

So recently Joanne asked if I wanted to join Virgin Active Health Club, located on Bourke Street. I really hesitated but was really attracted by the group classes (Zumba, body attack, body pump, yoga, pilates, taichi etc etc) and the price wasn't very pretty either.

ok long story short, I went and signed up for this gym. 

IMG_0529 copy
and I got a free bag ! 
Like every other Asian out there I love free stuff.

IMG_0535 copy
Which is why I'm mad happy they gave me so many free stuff.
Even though its technically not free since I paid so much. 

IMG_0531 copy

IMG_0532 copy
A book of excuses and solutions. No more reasons to not go to the gym !

IMG_0534 copy

With a student price of $44 fortnightly and $135 activation fee paid only once, I have access to the pool, gym, all the classes and even rock climbing ! 

IMG_5250 copy
Went for first session of Body Attack today with Joanne and LOVED IT !!!
I tell you NEVER IN MY LIFE, have I jumped so much or did so many pushups.
According to the instructor we did more than 100 pushups !! (Even though I probably collapsed after 30. I used to always cheat during PJ class ask my friend count even numbers so that I need to do only 15 if we're supposed to do 30 HAHAHA) 

It was the most intense workout I've ever been through. Even though aching and tiring, I still loved every bit of it. I was a little too short and couldn't see the instructor but thank God for the tall Asian dude in front of me who knows every step.

What else do I love about this place ? the toilets and locker room. 
I've always had a fear of public toilets because they're usually small, hot and dirty which is why I'm extremely amazed at the toilets here. 
Not only is the ventilation extremely good, their bathrooms are also spacious 
-I so paiseh say this- Its even bigger than my toilet in Albert House. I think on days I don't go workout, I'll just go there shower la its so enjoying. 

Its either I've been damn kampung never seen real clean gym toilets before or Virgin's gym is extremely clean. Ok practically the only gym toilet I've been to is SCR in Sitiawan and its really hot and dirty. 
So yes, if you've recently gained alot of weight (like me) and think you need exercise (like me), then why don't you find a local gym and check out their group workouts ! Its extremely effective cos when you see everyone around you so motivated, you're just automatically motivated as well !

Muahaha if I keep up with this, I can go home to Malaysia and wear a bikini. SOON.

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