Three Bags Full

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Currently blogging on my sister's spare Dell. Totally understand why she loves her macbook air so much. This laptop lags so much I can go pee then eat dinner and come back and window still haven't load. There's also Photoshop CS2, like from the dinosaur era but okay, better than nothing.

This is an extremely outdated post but I just felt like blogging about it.

Three Bags Full

Directions : Tram 109 towards Boxhill from Collins St and get off the 20th stop.

Got off a lot of stops after our destination so we had to walk lol.

IMG_0985 copy 
It was a Saturday morning and the place was packed to the brim we had to sit outside.
Don't know why that morning the wind was blowing at full force and all the while we were busy chasing after our flying menus and holding on to our dear lives.

IMG_0989 copy 
The breakfast menu
IMG_0991 copy
Lunch menu.

IMG_1012 copy
Finally got a seat inside. Love the environment.
Long tables with everyone sharing it, it just feels so homey and not forgetting so so warm compared to the blowing wind outside. Note : Their toilets also have touchscreen pads to lock / unlock the doors which I find extremely cool. Lol I so kampung ah.

The company :

IMG_1010 copy
Kendrick and Samuel

IMG_1011 copy
Joanne and I

On to the food !

IMG_0996 copy
Really love it, not too sweet, not too bitter, just the way I like it.

Samuel's tea. Which obviously looked damn fancy and took up a lot of table space.

IMG_1013 copy 
 Open Braised Lamb Sandwich $16
This picture really justifies nothing la. Cannot see the lamb also cannot see the sandwich.
I need to be a better photographer.

IMG_1016 copy
Big Breakfast  $18.50
Love the relish and the mushrooms.  Not a big fan of the tomatoes and the poached eggs weren't perfect.

IMG_1017 copy
 Three Bags Scramble $15
I didn't really like the porcherino cheese but the toast was just wowowow.

IMG_1018 copy 
I love eggs and toast. No wonder I ordered this. 

IMG_1015 copy

Roasted pumpkin + Sage fritters $16
Joanne ordered this without knowing what half the ingredients meant but it turned out mouthgasmic.
Loved the sage fritters, roasted pumpkin and the pomegranate salad.
A dish I would definitely come back for.

My verdict, the environment was really homey and the kind of place you would want to eat your Australian breakfast. The staff were incredibly friendly too, all smiles. The food is one of the best I've tried and is a place I would definitely come back again.

Rating : 8/10

Three Bags Full

03 9421 2732

60 Nicholson St
Abbotsford, VIC 3067

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Also after brunch at Three Bags Full you can go to Ikea to have meatball cos its on the way ! 
If you're wondering why I'm only blogging about this now, I honestly do not know. 
I have been awfully busy recently with assignments piling up and my urge to go apply for jobs which explains the lack of blog updates but fret not, I will be back soon ! 

No recent food posts because I've been on a strict diet and I am really really broke. 
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