Super Kampung Style

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Spot ACS Sitiawan students at 1:05 !!
This song really makes me so proud to be Malaysian. To be precise, to have grown up in a place ulu enough to be called a kampung. Even my home address has 'kampung' in it can ! 

Ok maybe not as kampung as portrayed in the video but Sitiawan isn't exactly a city. I grew up hunting frogs, fishing tadpoles out of my house pond and collecting rubber seeds. We didn't have malls or arcades we could go to but we had everything we needed and I'm just extremely glad I didn't grew up in the city.

I used to love the city. I liked the lights. I loved the malls. 
but like I probably said a million times, after staying in the city, I realize its not just about the gliz and glamour. 

"For the promise of bling and lots and lots of money"
 That is how the city is described.  Money.

Recently I reflected upon myself and realized how corrupt my mind had been.
One of the things my parents repeated over and over again before I came over was :
"You will meet a lot of rich people from the city. Rich people who have everything they want but always keep in mind never to compare. Don't be a kaki boros."
 Kaki boros is like my dad's all time favourite word to use lah.

Before coming here I really believed that I will never turn out like this. How disappointed was I with myself when I realized how materialistic I have turned out to be.

Back in Sitiawan, not many people care about what brand of handbag you're carrying. It won't make much difference if you carry a Gucci wallet or a wallet you got from Thursday market.  In fact back then someone asked me why I had to change a pretty and cheap purse for an expensive ugly one. 
Under this environment it never occurred to me that I need expensive things. It didn't matter what bag I took as long as I liked it.

but after coming here, I found out how materialistic some people can be, and I feel myself falling into this world. How I've let my surroundings influenced me. I start wishing I have all the money in the world so that I can buy branded goods. I start wanting the more expensive things that I lost sight of the joy in simplicity. I became a person I said I would never be and I hated being a person like that.

Thats when I realize I really need to change. I need to remember my roots and the values my parents planted in me since I was a kid. 

"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also"
Matthew 6 : 21

I don't want a heart of money.
I need to constantly remind myself I'm from the small town of Sitiawan and that I grew up in a taman with the word 'kampung' in it. I don't fit in the world of Chanel bags and Tory Burch shoes. 
It is hard to detach myself from all of this, but step by step I will be able to do it. I cannot let branded goods and money determine my happiness.

I don't want to live this way. 
Happiness isn't having new things, its appreciating what you already have.

ANYWAY, potong steam-ing the emo talk, here is what my kampung looks like !
 Not exactly Sitiawan but really near Sitiawan : Marina Island.
Ok it doesn't ALWAYS look so good but I love this place. Its not the glitz and glamour but its the, "Life is good" kind of place.

Outside 933.


Red wine mee sua. 

Worst possible day to skip dinner AND blog about food. T_____T
I googled images for Sitiawan and how surprised I am to see so many blogs on Sitiawan !!  Look at this blog right here 
The whole blogpost has like SITIAWAN pasted all over it. 

I would love it if someone would just FedEx some kompiang and red win mee sua over. Since my birthday is coming in like a month and a half's time, all of you know what to get me ah and no please don't say weighing machine. 

Talking about Sitiawan really makes me happy. I feel so proud to be born and bred foochow (even though I'm still struggling in speaking foochow). This kind of joy isn't the kind that luxurious goods can bring about.
 Branded bags will soon go out of season and then you'll have to get a new one. This is the end of me chasing after the glitz and glamour of the city.

Really need to properly introduce the best place on Earth and the best food on Earth. I miss Sitiawan. I miss Foo chow food.

"Wai woo dik duong chuo." 
If you're foochow please tell me you totally understood that.

This blogpost is really Super Kampung Style.
Not really.
but okay.

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