Mook Ji Bar

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Hello guys ! Here I am again, after dinner time, to bring you mouth watering delicious food pictures again ! I hope I succeed in tempting all of you to eat, and when you all grow fat, I won't seem so fat anymore hahahaha. Then the world will be a better place.

No just kidding. 

Mook Ji Bar.
Went there a long while ago to catch up with Yee Lyn !
She really knows a lot of hidden good places to eat and I wonder why she's still so skinny.

On to the food !

 IMG_1033 copy
Seafood Tofu Soup $15
I loved this. It has just the right balance of everything. Filled with ingredients like crabs, mushrooms, prawns, clams and amazing tofu, the flavors simply burst in your mouth. I always hated tofu but this is really mouthgasm.

IMG_1025 copy
Fried Chicken with spicy sauce with cheese (half) $16

You simply MUST MUST MUST order this. I reckon this is one of the best I've eaten. I like it even more that the one at CJ lunch bar mainly because I like chicken with bones in the middle compared to just a huge chunk of meat with cheese. 

My verdict. 
Price : There were only two of us, we only ordered these two dishes and we really couldn't finish either of it. We had to get a takeaway box in the end. The portion is really worth the price. Approx $15-20 a person.

Service : The service was a huge disappointment and I think most reviews on urbanspoon agree with me. I really would like to high five with the person who said they look like lost chickens. It took a really long time for them to get our order and serve us drinks. Nothing annoys me more than having to constantly remind the waiters to serve us plain water.

Food : One of the best. Cannot go wrong with authentic Korean food since Koreans themselves like to dine there! Everywhere around us were Koreans at that time ! Pretty popular among the Korean community.

Environment :  All I would say is that the place is small and cramped.

Ratings : 8/10
I seem to always give really high ratings for restaurants but this restaurant really deserves it. Although I hated the service but the food really does pay off. Check it out !!

Mook Ji Bar

03 9600 2661

406 Lonsdale Street Map.4253f10
Melbourne, VIC 3000
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