Beautiful Woman 2012

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Firstly I want to apologize for not blogging as often as I used to but I have solid reasons.
Not only are assignments and homework piling up, alot of buttons on my laptop are malfunctioning. For example the delete button, up/down button and most importantly the 'p' button. All the 'p' you see above are copy pasted. I know man that sucks, but you know what sucks more ? Spilling water all over your laptop nearly killing it.

So to make it up to my readers, I spent extra time on this blogpost. promise you won't regret reading till the end.

As I mentioned earlier, I have been spending my last two weekends at church, attending the annual 

IMG_5180 copy
Basically this is a church conference designed for women. It lasted for two weekends with powerful pastors from the United States : Ps Wendy Perez and Sheryl Brady.

This blogpost will contain quotes from the preachers. 

This was exactly what I needed at that time. I was going through some problems tidying up my feelings and at one point, ps Sheryl Brady said

"You come to Beautiful Woman like water, but you will leave this place like wine."

and I cannot agree enough. At the time I went to Beautiful Woman conference, I was down, I wasn't confident with anything and I wasn't motivated to do anything at all. At one point I didn't even know what I'm doing on Earth. I had no big goals I want to achieve in life, and I always felt that I'm not good enough physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually but I would like to testify that BW 2012 changed my life.

First I'll show you how amazing my church is with their amazing BW decorations.

IMG_0541 copy

IMG_0544 copy

IMG_0543 copy

The theme for this year
"I will make you BEAUTIFUL FOREVER, a joy to all generations." -- Isaiah 60:15

Quotes from pastors that spoke to the heart :

Ps Wendy Perez 
  • Do not be satisfied by your life, if you know God has something more for you.
  • Walking through problems with joy isn't deceptive. It's Christ perspective
IMG_0550 copy

Ps Sam Evans
  • No matter what the circumstances, he still declares you're beautiful.
  • You are insecure because you don't know who you are. Stop the insecurity.
  • Get back to your calling. Don't let fear and intimidation get to you. Don't succumb to the Jezebel spirit.
  • The Devil wants us to give up, but he is a liar.

IMG_5191 copy

Ps Sheryl Brady
  • Being Meek doesn't mean you're weak. It means you're strong enough to do it, but wise enough to be still.
  • If people can leave you, let them go. 
  • Thank God for where you've been, but you can't stay here. You are born for more.
  • God is the starter and the finisher. 
  • Just when you think the best has already happened, he will bless you with more.
  • I can't fly yet, but I refuse to crawl.

IMG_0546 copy
After two weekends of BW, I finally feel like I have something to do on this Earth.
In the past, I let my emotions rule me so much that I sacrificed a friendship.
I let my circumstances and my problems convince me that I am not worth enough, not beautiful enough, not special enough, not likeable enough but now I realize how can that be if I am made in the image of God ? 

IMG_0603 copy
Bracelet from BW

IMG_0604 copy
And she became a beautiful woman. 
At one point I asked God where he was, when everything was just going downhill.
I got a picture, of my tears being dried and realized, He has always been there to pick me up. Every time I fall, He had been there to guide me back on track, I felt so surrounded by love ok. What a moment of joy. 

Ps Wendy Perez 
"Some pain with Jesus is a whole let better than joy without Him."

IMG_0561 copy
and yes indeed, He has sent me angels on Earth. 

IMG_0574 copy
My urban life girls.
These girls are really the best.

The boys in our Urban Life are amazing too
IMG_5199 copy
Surprising us with a feast. Complete with flowers, cupcakes and all. 

IMG_0585 copy
Melanie's birthday on one of the days too.

IMG_0595 copy
The chocolate man who gives out chocolate.

IMG_0571 copy
Here is an out of  place picture of me with handsome angmoh. 

Ok anyway sidetracked. 
IMG_5274 copy
I am extremely glad that I get to attend such an amazing conference.
Not only did God touch my heart, He opened my eyes to see the potential I have within me. I really felt His unconditional love throughout this two weeks and I tell you, its an amazing feeling. 

I am almost done with my long blogpost but to those women who did not attend Beautiful Woman this year, and if you're in Melbourne, sign up for next year's !!

IMG_5199 copy
Touched by God will be the theme and I believe that is exactly what He will do.
promise you won't regret signing up ! :)

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