Sunday, July 22

I never left.

IMG_0411 copy
Once, I chased after it. 
I ran so hard that nothing stopped me.

IMG_0422 copy
At a point I almost had it, I thought I won. 
It felt like I had a place in that heart. A small spot, but I did have a place.

IMG_6335 copy 
But soon, it fell apart. I slipped.
Like grasping sand, it seeped away. I lost that place I thought I had.

IMG_0418 copy
The feelings, were like the trees in winter. Bare.
It felt empty, like something is missing. And it hurt.

IMG_0443 copy
It was like leaving a beautiful, peaceful place, and going back to the foggy city.

IMG_0417 copy
So I ran backwards, trying to get back what I thought we had.
but at one point, I got tired and I rested.
Little did I know due to that, the distance grew further. It's harder to chase after something, that has gone miles ahead of you. It was another race for me. 

IMG_0423 copy
People asked 
"What is it about that person that makes you do all these ?"

"Everything you don't see."

IMG_0436 copy
Nevertheless, I stop once again.
because I realize I will never run as fast as that person.
 I will never be able to catch up.
I was chasing the Asian Bolt. It was impossible.

but that does not mean I'll ever stop loving / caring.

IMG_0409 copy
Its just that,
 if you had felt the same, if it was beautiful to you as it was to me,
You will turn around, and realize I never left.


Thoughts at the Botanical Garden.
The city, suffocates me. 


reanaclaire said...

Very beautiful, looks peaceful and serene...

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Ken Wooi said...

Thanks for the beautiful photos. Always love scenes with blue skies! :)