Sunday, July 29

Drifted apart.

People who has been observing my instagram / twitter would realize I'm starting to hang out with different people.

The problem is evident, and we've talked about this problem but no matter what, it would be hard to stitch back with a person you've drifted apart from. At the beginning I was really upset because to me, nothing feels worse than being left out. I felt like I had no friends, but I was wrong.  At this point, the quote "One true friend is better than a million fake ones." never felt so real before and I constantly thank God for the new people I've met and the friends who will always have my back. 

I didn't only drift away from my friends. I also drifted away from someone extremely special to me. I can't chase, and he won't look back, because we were never on the same running track.
but no matter how many times I fall, God is always there to pick me up.

I lost both the people I thought were my best friends, and the hope I had in that special someone but through all these God was so real to me. He blessed me with more friends, and recently I just felt so much closer with my sister. This weekend there was also Beautiful Woman Conference where God showed up and just changed my whole perspective on my problems, but that will be for another post.

So here is an update on what I have been doing. 
Have been trying to cut down food intake and spend less money so only a few pics boohoo.

IMG_0405 copy
Woke up extremely early one morning and strolled around the whole city alone. So peaceful, so beautiful. 

IMG_0402 copy

IMG_0409 copy
I was blinded the last time but after looking back at the pictures, I realize how beautiful Melbourne can be and how I can potentially fall in love with this place. 

IMG_0450 copy
Manchester Press with Joanne and Chee :)

IMG_0453 copy
Celebrated a belated birthday for Kat with rainbow cakes and Mexican food.
Waited for a whole 2 hours for a seat for four at Mamasita. 

IMG_0457 copy
While waiting for our seat, we snacked at MCD.

IMG_0474 copy
Worth the 2 hour wait. Totally worth it. 

IMG_0501 copy
Oysters and hotdogs at Vic market with Kat & Jason.
haha ok damn uneventful, next week I'll be blogging about Beautiful Woman Conference so do check back often ! Or you can just follow me on Instagram : shuwen_peekashu.

I'm gonna be a stronger person in Term 3. 
Emotionally, Spiritually, Physically and Mentally.
I was devastated, but I will stand strong. I'm no puteri lilin :) 

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