Sitiawan #2

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I haven't felt so happy ever since I went to Melbourne. Honestly.
It is not that I don't like Melbourne. I always dreamt of living in the city and be surrounded by cool people but after coming home, I realized NO PLACE, will ever replace Sitiawan, no matter how much safer / bigger / canggih the new place is.

This week :

IMG_4944 copy
Mum cooked red wine mee sua again ! Sooo gooood 

IMG_4911 copy
Mum's usual bird nest too :)

IMG_0332 copy
Foo chow kampua. 

IMG_0334 copy
and more foo chow char yu mien. Only 2 stores in Sitiawan makes the best :)) 

IMG_0318 copy

IMG_0301 copy'
My favourite zhapfan but sad cos there was no terung or brinjal. Sorry about the slang.

IMG_0278 copy
Wagyu beef with the family at my favourite restaurant.
Its kind of disappointing how the beef turned out. Either the quality is deteriorating or I'm slowly turning into a non beef-eating person. 

IMG_0287 copy
My boss :) 

Fatty looking super non-fatty. WHY HE SO SLIM NOW ???

IMG_4884 copy
friends came over and skyped with Chee who is still in Melbourne. :D

IMG_0303 copy
Was craving for this and dad brought back two whole bags the next day ! Someone was nice enough to send them to my dad's office. 

IMG_0302 copy
One of my favourite childhood memories. Dad opening the durians while we gather around him and eat straight from the shell. I used to admire how macho my dad looks when he does that. 

IMG_0263 copy
Alvin the Chindian who came down from Kampar for the weekend. 

IMG_0277 copy

IMG_0276 copy
Drove to Marina 

IMG_0272 copy
Met the church people there. Drove to Teluk Batik after that. 

No pictures of Teluk Batik because once we got down the car, more than 20 Mat Rempits came towards us so we had to run. It was damn scary ok. 

IMG_4933 copy
Went out with my husband for dinner :) 

IMG_0346 copy
Secret Recipe with the band teacher :))) 

IMG_0328 copy
Sushi King with Kelly and Elaine. Btw Kelly looks damn cute here.

IMG_0326 copy
Husband working there :))) 

but the highlight of this week, was SCHOOL. I hung out there EVERY MORNING for the past week.

IMG_0321 copy
I love this place. Its the place where I am just extremely comfortable with everyone and everything. 

IMG_0290 copy
Like everyone gets my jokes, everyone gets my slang. I don't have to explain what zaizai or newaisa means. Its just home to me. People there also know when I'm serious and when I'm not. 

IMG_4913 copy
EB room from 9am to 1pm every day. 

IMG_0288 copy
This place is filled with memories. People change, but the memories these pictures bring will always remain. 

IMG_0295 copy
Best friend finally smiling with teeth !! 

IMG_0297 copy
I am damn nice can help Daniel get rid of all his pimples HAHA. 

IMG_4956 copy
and finally my second favourite Indian. I had to tweak the color of this pic cos he doesn't like himself being too dark HAHA. Today I came to realize that tomorrow will be the last day I see him in school uniform in the EB room and just the thought of it brings me to tears la. 

Its so sad that I suggested he wears his school uniform to come visit me in Melbourne. I am gonna miss this junior so much laa T________________T Those EB times were really the best. Even when we had to camp at teacher's house because EB room was inaccessible. 

IMG_0289 copy
Our last yearbook together. The best la the best. :'(

IMG_0320 copy
School also has the best nasi lemak. Hello I've been eating this for 4 days straight already. Why the Indian uncle so pro ah. 

IMG_0311 copy
Participated in 1 Senam Robik too. All the colors. 

IMG_0307 copy
All my friends in DC Gong (blue) and me in Tai Swee Kee (yellow). 
but ok whatever, no matter what color I honestly think Shariman (red) is gonna win this year.

IMG_0324 copy
Dropped by in the evening to watch pra kejohanan sukan too. 
Envy all those long legs girl who can high jump la. 

IMG_0325 copy
Juniors at the field :)) 

Ok I feel damn sad now that I'm leaving on Saturday. I am gonna miss school so much and also the family I have at school. I cannot even describe how sad I am in this small box. It is the kind of sadness like you want to cry but you know that by crying you'll be ever more sad and that will make end me up in sad maximum. See I told you I cannot describe this sadness. I really hadn't felt so happy in a very long time.

Seeing my friends in Form 5 / 6 makes me wonder where I would be if I stayed for Form 6. It made me think about my life. I know that if I never went to Melbourne, I would be sitting in Form 6 complaining about ACS Sitiawan and how I should've went but now that I am back. I would choose Form 6 if it wasn't for my future. Sigh, should've taken a gap year and go for Form 6 right ! :(((

I am really really gonna miss every thing la. You may say, aiya 6 months only ma. SIX MONTHS IS DAMN LONG OK. I went for 4 months and it felt like FOREVER. That kind of torturing forever. I need to rephrase the sentence I said earlier la, compared to Sitiawan I really dont like Melbourne.
Sorry for being such an ungrateful whining bitch but if you think Melbourne would be better than your home, then you will be the true ungrateful whining bitch cos you don't know how much Sitiawan has. I really damn emo laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Already counting down for my December holidays. 

I really really don't want to leave. This kind of don't want to leave feeling is even stronger than when I first went sigh. There is so many things to do, so many words to say, but so little time left. :'(

And if anyone is saying I'm feeling this way cos I have that one in a million boy back here, then I need to tell you this isn't just what one boy can do. Everyone, everything here, it just means so so much to me. 

IMG_4953 copy
Here is a chio picture of me just so that I don't end this post being all emo and whining.

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