Sitiawan #1

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I have been very busy since I came back, in fact I've been so busy that today is only the 3rd day I have been in Sitiawan. Nevertheless, I did so much in this three days. Here is a long photo update on what I have been doing :)

First off, pictures on this post will mostly be taken with my iPhone / my new camera :)

IMG_4773 copy
Wanted a Polaroid camera very badly at one time but a Canon S100 is 10 times better :))) 

IMG_0014 copy
Snuggled at home for the first day because I was so tired and jet lagged. 

IMG_0261 copy
My snuggle place. 

IMG_0017 copy
First meal in Sitiawan. LEGENDARY CHICKEN RICE. 

IMG_0024 copy
Best friend picked me up in the evening to stalk people playing football at astaka.
Ended up supporting the wrong team because all the people were so small and the team we were supposed to support lost -_____________- 

IMG_4767 copy
Lunch with homies :D 

IMG_0055 copy
Childhood friend :) 

IMG_0102 copy
Finally tried Poppers ! It is damnnn gooood. Look out for Poppers review blogpost soon ! 

IMG_0052 copy
Home breakfast with mum and fatty :)

IMG_0047 copy
My fatty. 

IMG_0046 copy

IMG_0044 copy

IMG_0048 copy
Finally proper spicy food. 

IMG_0050 copy

IMG_4774 copy
Jogging with Jen :)

IMG_4750 copy
My baby

IMG_0029 copy

IMG_0116 copy
Chi Ni Gor (foochow) or Man Tou in chinese.

IMG_4830 copy
Visited KL and did something to my hair. 

IMG_4822 copy
Met up with two of my favourite people on Earth. 

IMG_4826 copy

IMG_4859 copy
Hang outs at my house :) 

IMG_0233 copy

IMG_0224 copy
Best friend.

IMG_0112 copy
Best cook in the whole wide world.

IMG_0113 copy
Cooks the best red wine mee sua EVER.

IMG_0114 copy
Milo + Egg. Sounds gross but my mum makes the BEST. 

IMG_0118 copy
Birds Nest. 

IMG_0051 copy
Movie with fatty. 

IMG_0217 copy
Family reunion. 

IMG_4862 copy
Mcdonalds at 12am. 

IMG_4841 copy
Visited mum's Ipoh home. 

IMG_0146 copy'
Foo chow Hai Reng Go Ru (Sea Cucumber, Fish belly)

IMG_0143 copy
Foo chow Go Ru (Sea Cucumber). 
Had these in Klang. Watch out on blogpost for foochow restaurant !

IMG_0215 copy
The real old town hor fun. yumzzzz

IMG_0216 copy
and the original old town white coffee. YUMZZ

IMG_0214 copy

IMG_0211 copy

IMG_0260 copy
Mee Rebus

and the best snack in the whole wide world
IMG_0119 copy
If you don't know what this is, you really need to come down to Sitiawan. Like really. ASAP.

IMG_0246 copy
Went to school for band practice today too. 

IMG_4869 copy
Drum Major. 

IMG_0251 copy
:D :D

Coming home to Sitiawan is like the best thing that has happened to me all year. 

IMG_4759 copy
Feeling so loved by my family and my friends. 
I love Sitiawan la ! This kind of love is like overflowing out of my aorta and back flowing into my veins even by bicuspid valve or something cannot prevent back flow kind ok. 

I'm not sorry for the long post. I love all those pictures HAHA. Friends coming over tonight again. :D :D :D  I still have so much food I haven't eaten yet. Example : Ramlee Burger, Rojak Manjung, Ban Mee, Bak Kut Teh, Kampua, Nasi Lemak etc etc. Wah really no time la. 
Will be back soon with more updates ! 

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