Should students be allowed to bring IT gadgets to school?

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So I bet most Malaysian students are extremely excited after hearing the news that IT gadgets including handphones will be allowed in school starting 2013.

Though I would agree that the world is changing and this is a trend that we cannot ignore, I still beg to differ that IT gadgets ESPECIALLY handphones should be allowed in school.
Here are a few reasons why

#1 It is a distraction

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From someone who has studied with an IT gadget, I can say that although it may be helpful in some aspects, its most of the time, distraction.

Why would a teenager choose to listen in maths class when there is temple run on their phones ?

#2 Uncontrollable students

I personally think iPads aren't that bad, but handphones ?
I remember back in Form 1 when everyone just got into high school, everyone was dating everyone. Most students would be complaining about the no-handphone rule because then we can't text our boyfriends / girlfriends in class.
So imagine, teenagers with raging hormones being allowed to have handphones in class ? A class of 30 + sometimes 40 students, how is the teacher going to control that class ? Not only will the discipline deteriorate, it increases stress on teachers too. 

WIFI would also be provided. Thats just great, I'm expecting alot of "Camwhore in maths class !" pictures now.

It is also said that handphones will be allowed for the safety of the students too, just in case they need to call their parents. That doesn't make much sense to me.
In public school, not everyone has a canggih S3 or iPhone. There will many cases of theft regarding phones if everyone were to bring their phones to school. Not only that, I am pretty sure many students like to hang out by the roadside after school. Wouldn't that attract snatch thieves ? It really doesn't play any part in keeping the students safe. Instead I think they're more exposed to danger.

#3 Less interaction

More interaction through facebook, less interaction in reality.

It is already damn annoying to me when people text while eating. Imagine kids doing that at the canteen. They would talk less about stuff happening in school and more about stuff happening on facebook. The joy of gossiping about your discipline teacher privately with your best friend would soon be replaced by gossiping about your discipline teacher through your status update/tweets.

Imho, these IT gadgets are best left at home. 
If it is solely for education, then there should be a program or something that blocks all distractions (including games and social networking) in school or else I don't see how IT gadgets are going to help at all. Maybe for the self disciplined students, but what about those that are easily distracted ?

Okla, part of this post is cos I'm jealous I didn't get to bring my handphone to class to text with my ex boyfriends but really, think about it. Will IT gadgets really benefit the students ? 

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