New hair !

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Recently I dropped by KL to get my hair fixed. 
IMG_0153 copy
Before picture. Spot the split and burnt ends. 

IMG_0173 copy
Miko Galere in Pavilion (top floor)

This is by far the best I've been to.
IMG_0156 copy
Mum and I treated to a private room because mum is a regular customer. 

IMG_0158 copy
Free wifi and coffee. 

IMG_0161 copy
Boss even treated us to snowflakes because he believes that customers should never do anything to their hair with an empty tummy lol. 

I wanted a really cute haircut but ended up getting a little curls. 
Also because my hair was so damaged that I needed curls lolol. 

IMG_0168 copy
Jae and Ruthie waiting for me to go for dinner. 

IMG_0172 copy
The end product with Miko the boss. 
My hair has never been this healthy before. Like never in my whole life. 

Met up with my besties who waited for me over an hour. 

IMG_0186 copy

IMG_0182 copy
Love this dai gor dai face :))

IMG_0191 copy
KLCC. This place always feels super magical to me. 

Ok so the point of this post is to show you my new hair.
IMG_0287 copy
This is how it looks like after washing. 
Me and my dad really has the smallest eyes haha.

I need to be more productive. I should stop dreaming of something that won't be mine. I shouldn't be hoping for the past to come back to me. I should be looking forward to a bright improved future. 
Sometimes this heart of mine really pulls me down with these emotions. Continuing this would make me the same as the rest. It is not worth it. I'm better than this.

Emo abrupt end. 

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