June/July haul.

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Haul post ! Didn't buy much when I went back to Malaysia this time because I really wanted to shorten my time in KL / Ipoh. I just wanted to stay solely in Sitiawan with my besties.
Thanks to my amazing family, I also got some goodies from US :))

IMG_0383 copy
Ted Baker Arm Candy my sis got from US. 

IMG_0384 copy
Black iPad front case I got from Malaysia and brown leather iPad sleeve from US. 

IMG_0395 copy
Mum also got me a bunch of make up stuff.
I must be kind of a disappointment la cos I don't use make up. At all lol.
but nevermind, one day I will. One day.

IMG_0392 copy
Florals and lace dresses !! I love floral. and lace. 
Girly like that.

IMG_0390 copy
Got a wool jacket before going back to Malaysia.
Has been wearing this everyday. So warmmmmmmm ;)

IMG_0385 copy
Can't resist but to show off my pastel coloured Sharpies
(which all Sitiawan people can get from Koh lolol or any stationary shop)

IMG_0396 copy
Pegs. So that I will do my homework / attend class in Term 3. 

Told you it wasn't much.
Anyway this week, I really want to thank God for giving me such amazing friends and family back home and also in Melbourne.
I am constantly assured that I have people back home who loves me and was reminded again few days ago that there are people in Melbourne that I can turn to too.

Really want to shout out to my best friend Elaine who had to layan my annoying phone calls for the whole morning when she was obviously busy with Sports Day.
Also thank you to my fat brother who bribed me to buy him football shoes in exchange for two videos. So not worth it, but I love you fatty and I'm thankful for a blur brother like you :)
Thank you EB people too. You know who you are. heh heh. You guys are just amazing.

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