Happy Birthday Mummy :)

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Every day, I thank God for the people I have in my life. 
The ones who love me regardless of everything and one of these amazing people, is my mother.

IMG_1281 copy
Believe it or not, this woman isn't just my mother.

She is my doctor when I fall sick. Always there with her big book of medicine and prescribing medicine/vitamins when I have an asthma relapse. The first person to know whether my asthma is getting better or not just by listening to my voice (over the phone too.)

She is my best friend. Someone I can tell everything to. Including how hot boys at school are and how amazing the person I like is. With that, she is also my mentor, giving me the best advice ever. Always asking me to celebrate the fact that I am single. LOL

IMG_5562 copy
Also the greatest cook on earth who makes the BEST red wine mee sua.

Need to go back ASAP to learn from her. Although I eat out alot, I love my mum's cooking lah. Extremely missing her cooking and her constant shouting "COME DOWN SHUWEN. LEARN HOW TO COOK."  I definitely will when I get back home :)

Yesterday some things happened and I was heartbroken and mum called at that exact moment, as if she could read my mind. I just bawled everything that is happening to her and everything just felt okay instantly. Her jokes are the best. 

She's the mother who would call me all the way from Malaysia just to say things like :
"Eh I'm at Sushi Zanmai, what do you think I should order?"
"Have you seen the long pants I like?"
"Eh hello, eh.. shuwen ? Sorry call wrong."

 Sometimes the silly things she say just brightens my whole day.
In so many ways we are so similar. Especially our failure to resist temptation.
My mother is really someone who would announce she's on diet and then have chocolate 5 minutes later. Not like that is a bad thing. She's just cute like that.

I have a million cute pictures of my mother but I'll only post the pretty ones here because if I post any embarrassing ones, I'll be expecting phone calls going. "WHY YOU PUT THAT PICTURE !!!!!"

IMG_7442 copy
Mummy, I really thank God for a mother like you. 
I know you'll read this because you've been very IN on facebook recently. 
You were always there to dry my tears, to pick me up and to push me forward. Always having my back when I am about to fall. Cheering me up on my darkest days. Thank you for teaching me English since young (something she's very proud of haha) and thank you for letting me inherit your good in maths genes. 

Happy Birthday Mum. 
Miss you loads, can't wait to go back in December. Love you! xx

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