Back in Melbourne.

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Ohai, I've just landed in Melbourne again, just in case some of you are wondering why I'm not appearing in school anymore lol. If you didn't even realize I was back, yeah I agree 2 weeks of term break is just too short. So anyway here is a term break recap post.

I felt really lucky, to have parents who gave me the freedom to hang out with my friends because I went out every day for the past two weeks. In fact I spent ALL my mornings at school during the 2nd week.

DSC_8662 copy
Thanks to dad I'm not just a visitor of the school. You must admit my dad looks damn cute in his 1 Senam Robik outfit.

Ok so for 2 weeks I met my amazing friends almost everyday where we did tons of fun stuff like hang out at the canteen, play picturesque, skype Chee, stalk boys playing football etc lol.

IMG_0102 copy

IMG_0024 copy

IMG_4882 copy

IMG_0186 copy

IMG_0295 copy

IMG_0307 copy

IMG_4956 copy

IMG_0051 copy

but of course I made time for my family too :)) 
It was so goood coming back home. The food was good but what made my trip back home memorable were the people. Every single one of you. Its only my 2nd day back here and I miss all of you terribly. Counting down the days till December !

I remember on the last night when we were just sitting at a mamak stall and when it was time to leave I really felt like crying. It was damn emotional to me. I feel damn sad now that we didn't take any pictures at all la ! But then again life moves on. No matter how miserable I think life in Melbourne is, I still need to get on with this. I'm just glad knowing that people back home will always have my back.

People back home, better miss me, OR ELSE  no nougats or any food for you guys the next time I go back. 

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