To encourage. To inspire.

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I get 150-200 visitors a day when I update.
Sorry for stat bashing you in the first sentence but its relevant to what I want to say. I always knew people back home read my blog. People from my high school, my dad, my brother's friends, my mother's friends but I never really paid attention to who read my blog. (Kind of a lie, I tend to check who likes my posts ahem) but before my previous post, I never knew I had so many silent readers.

Honestly I didn't expect people to read my previous post. I mean ok its a testimony its supposed to be read by everyone but I expected the reaction of my readers to be :

Because that's a natural instinct. Even I scroll through the whole page looking for pictures before deciding whether to read or not. No one likes a post without pictures.
But to my surprise, many people read my testimony. I got comments from people that they're proud of me, happy for me and it inspired them, encouraged them. All these came from people I never expected would read my blog.

Apart from my blog, I have been posting my verse of the week on instagram every Monday. Example : 

These are verses I write on notepaper / my board to remind myself for the whole week who my God is and what he is doing with my life. I actually started posting on Instagram because... I really like my notepapers and I think my writing is pretty. #Fact.
But I've been getting feedback from people saying they've been so encouraged and reminded too by what I posted and this in turn encouraged me. 

Every day something amazing happens in my life and I have so much to thank God for that I cannot contain all my thankfulness in one blog post, therefore I've decided to write testimonies of my life every fortnight. It is not because I like people reading my wordy posts or I like people praising me. It is because I felt that this is something I can do, for God. 

I am glad, that I could use this social media as a megaphone to tell people how great my God is. From being a person who wrote to express, not to impress, I want to be a writer who expresses, encourages and inspires not only my readers, but also myself.

I hope through, I can be able to bring people to know this God I am talking about so that he will be able to encourage and inspire them, just like how God encourage and inspired me.

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