June birthdays !

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Many has been asking whether I'm switching into a food blogger and the answer is

So here is a blogpost to show all of you that I actually do more uhm productive stuff apart from eat and take pictures and sleep. Bigger events this month :

IMG_0456 copy
Earlier this month the whole Albert house celebrated Uncle Andrew's birthday. 

He's like the guardian of Albert House.

IMG_0472 copy
Wanted to surprise him with a cake but failed because he actually prepared his own cake and tons of our favourite food lolol. 

IMG_0511 copy
Cake on the face for Ian as he was leaving Albert House. 

and then there was another birthday celebration for all the June babies. 

IMG_0823 copy
Full on cake fight again.

IMG_0838 copy
On a winter night with tees and shorts. 
Albert House people like cake fights la idk why.

IMG_0835 copy

IMG_0871 copy

Apart from eating real food and eating cake I also have been photoshopping.

June babies copy
June babies.

Ok I really think my photoshopping skills are improving cos i think this is damn chio #selfpraise.
Its improving so much that people actually think I lost a ton of weight from my facebook pictures. 
Now you know they're all edited. I'm so good at self denial.

Spent a whole morning on the picture above
Evidently spending too much time on the internet and photoshop (spot the new watermark). I really don't feel like I have LIT essay due on Tuesday, Drama exam on Thursday and actual exams starting next Saturday.
Need to go do more important stuff now (not eating), will blog soon. If something happens.
Ok slash if. Something did happen and I will blog about it. I need an award for being such a committed blogger la. 

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