Friday, June 29

Going home.

IMG_0877 copy
Since its 30th Australian time, it means I'm going home tomorrow !!!

IMG_4720 copy
Melbourne is truly beautiful but Sitiawan is where the heart is.
Many people here have never heard of Sitiawan let alone been there but fret not, check more for the next two weeks as I'll be bringing it all back to the heart.

So excited to get back to the best place on earth !
Red wine mee sua, kompiang, kampuang, loud foochow people HELLO !


FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

yay come back for durians ya! :P

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HenRy LeE said...

tell the world shuwen is coming back home! :P

Henry Tan said...

welcome home! =D

Natasha Ting said...

Hello back. *and did you just say me loud?* hahahaha
Welcome back to Sitiawan!