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Hi this is another food post. I reckon I should just change my blog into a food blog and name it Shuwen Eats where I post about where my fats come from yay.

Sorry for the unpleasant starting sentence haha ! 
So anyway this dessert place called DESSERT BOX opened up on Lygon St and the Albert House people decided to try it out on the first day of winter ! 

IMG_0658 copy
While waiting for the waiters to arrange our tables. 
It was a first day of winter and was freezing cold at night. Some of the people wore like shorts and tees out. Still wondering how they do it lol. 

IMG_0670 copy
Large selection of ice creams ! 

IMG_0662 copy
and even better, now they're giving out free ice cream for every dessert purchase !

IMG_0693 copy

IMG_0675 copy
2 pages of parfait to choose from ! Parfaits are technically Greek yoghurt with tons of awesome toppings.

IMG_0676 copy
Definitely going there for the fondue one day. Looks so tempting ! 

IMG_0672 copy
Because the restaurant wasn't very big, the WHOLE restaurant was taken by the Albert House people.

On to desserts : 

IMG_0682 copy
Caramel Banana Waffle $13.95

IMG_0712 copy
Strawberry Choc Waffle $14.50

IMG_0685 copy
Tiramisu Parfait  $13.80

IMG_0698 copy
Green Tea Parfait $13.80

IMG_0695 copy
Parfait on the way ! 

Gelati Alaska $16.80
For the hardcore ice cream lovers. 10 flavours altogether. 

IMG_0725 copy
Ivan proving he can finish it all alone. 

IMG_0720 copy
Golden Chcolate $16.80

IMG_0723 copy
My favourite, so deserves two pictures hahaha.

IMG_0687 copy
Sorry make that three. 

IMG_0717 copy
Happy people.

IMG_0728 copy
Because there were so many people we actually needed a calculator to split the bill.

Overall the desserts are really nice. A place I would definitely come back again.
For ice cream I would still prefer Fredos but for the hot desserts, Dessert Box it is.

Not only is the portion is big, the desserts are unbelievably tasty too. Although a little pricey but if you share the desserts it won't be as expensive as you expect ! The best thing about this place though is the service. They have extremely patient waiters who did not even show any sign of dulan-ness when we were there. It was all smiles and really made us feel like home.

Dessert Box is located opposite Fredos ! Please flood this place cos it deserves to be flooded.

Rating : 8/10

The Dessert Box

03 9939 5860

147 Lygon Street, Carlton 
CarltonVIC 3053

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