Best friends are forever.

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Recently a lot has been going on on my mind. Especially the issue regarding friendship.
It almost felt like I was back in Form 1 in a foreign school, not being able to fit in. It felt like that for some time. I'm not saying I don't have friends here, I do have friends here, but I believe there are many levels to friendship.

There's the kind of friends where you hang out with, and then there's the kind of friends that goes deeper. The kind of people you know you can 100% count on, people who you know will ALWAYS be there for you no matter what happens, people who will be on your side if you were going to go for war with say Mars, people who loves you the way you are but builds you on whichever part you're lacking.

There was a point that I was sure I don't have friendships like Piglet and Pooh's or Spongebob and Patrick's. I was concentrating so much on the problem I was facing here in Melbourne but recently I was reminded of how amazing my best friends back home are.

OOVOO w Ivan

Alvin in Kampar, Kenny and Jae in Sitiawan, me and Chee in Melbourne and Ivan in Brisbane !
We're missing a whole lot of people. Can't wait to do this again with everyone !

These are the very people who has always been there for me. Without a doubt, I know they will be on my side if I go on a war with Mars. 

Look at Alvin ! He's even willing to sit through the conversation without seeing any of us. 


Ivan : "Hey Shu, one day you're gonna thank us for always calling you fat because one day when you go out there and some mean dude comes along and calls you fat, you'll be immune after all the years of our teasing." 
I still love you guys :) 

OOVOO mouth

Jae "Because love worries not about distance."

OOVOO headphones
Me and Jae got the exact same Adidas Sennheiser headphones ! 

oovoo love
Awww so loved even though they were forced to do this HAHA.
I never had to worry I have no one to go back to, I never had to worry I have no one to talk to so what was I worrying ? I have a whole bunch of people who I love and who loves me back just the way I am.
I don't have to work hard to gain their acceptance, I don't have to worry whether or not they will laugh at my lame jokes because they're awesome like that :) 

You don't know how much I miss them.
The Sri Lankan, Teh Bing Satu inside jokes. Priceless. 
No one, will ever be able to replace these people. 

and you probably think that I have no real female friends but

IMG_2890 copy
Elaine writes on my wall, texts me even though its expensive, and its just to update me on her life and to ask how I am doing. She just recently passed her driving test and is learning to pump petrol ! I don't know what I do to have such an amazing friend. I've probably disappointed and upset her many many times in the past, but she never, ever left my side even though I'm thousands of miles away. 

Today I feel so blessed, to have friends like these.
I miss you guys so much. 17 more days, I'll be back soon ! 

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