Ziee's 18th.

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Celebrated Ziee's birthday with Korean BBQ dinner at Guhng The Palace 

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#OOTD I love going out for dinners. Its the only time I get to dress up lol. 

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One of the best cake shops if you're opting for a less pricey cake compared to Brunetti. Located on Swanston a little after Little Bourke. 

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Showered ourselves with pictures even before leaving Albert House.

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I successfully didn't take meat for 5 consecutive days and they decided to break my combo. 

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Ziee, the birthday boy. 

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People present : 
Shuying, Shimun, Joel, Chee, Ziee, Timothy, Johan, Jason and me :D

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The food was amazing, one of the best KBBQs. One of the most expensive too :/ 

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Kimchi hotpot :D

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Funny cos we were divided into two sides : Beef and non beef 

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With his present. 

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IMG_0117 copy

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Marcs wallet by :
Me, Shimun, Shuying, Jason, Joel, Johan, Chee, Timothy, Alnick, and Julian. 

IMG_0136 copy
Group picture ! 

The guys went to play pool afterwards. Met almost like the whole school at the first place, so we had to move to another pool center 

IMG_0165 copy
Ok boys who can play pool is like instantly cooler now hahaha. 

IMG_0172 copy
Picture with birthday boy before I went home and they went to the casino. 
Not to a club but to a casino. LIKE A SIR. 
So yes, the night ended like that. END.


Recently I have so many things to thank God for. 
For making me feel better when I felt my asthma was killing me, 
for throwing in ideas while I'm writing my HOI essay, 
for great friends back home and in Melbourne, 
for the second chance in the job I rejected,
for replacing my jealousy with joy, in my journey of moving on. 

So much to be thankful for, where do I start ? :) 

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