Why too much eye candy is bad for you.

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Ok sorry, I should be like the last person on Earth to ever write on this topic but I'm still gonna blog about it anyway whether you think I'm a hypocrite or not.

I honestly think, that eye candy is really bad for you.
As I said earlier on, it really does bring a lot of discouragement and here are a few reasons why :

#1 When there is eye candy, you think you're just looking but in fact its not that simple.
When you look at a very good looking person, regardless guy or girl, it affects you psychologically / mentally and you may say that my argument has no academic evidence to back it up but ok, my brain tells me so.

For example, when ridiculously photogenic guy came about,

Most people didn't just go "Oh cool, he's hot. Back to whatever I was doing."
Instead, people wanted to know his name, people wanted to know where he's from, people just wanted to know him. Why is that so if he's just "eye candy" ? 

Same example goes for celebrities and I must emphasize especially KPOP.

Fans keep up with news on ther idols. Go to Allkpop.com  and you'll probably be shocked at how many people are concerned over their idols, commenting and sharing one post. Why ? 
Because people don't simply LOOK. There is always some INTEREST. 

#2 Looking is not always FREE. 
A friend once told me "Not girlfriend, look only ma, free one." which again is something that is not exactly true. While you don't have to pay the price of falling in love, getting hurt and idk spending money on your girlfriend, there is still a price to pay.

For girls, when you see a really hot guy in school. There is bound to be a little interest. You pay more attention to the guy in class and what happens if he doesn't acknowledge you AT ALL ? What happens when he pays more attention / flirts with a really pretty girl in class ? 
Whether you like to admit it or not, your confidence level will drop. 
Thoughts like "Wah I would like to be that girl la"  or  "If only I was born pretty" seeps into your minds and eventually people tend to lose themselves. 

The fact is you will try to act like someone else as it all plays into the low self esteem / low confidence issue. Can someone please agree with me.


Okay sorry that is only 2 points and doesn't really count as a "few" reasons but yes I hope you get my point. My friends who read this will probably call me a hypocrite and yes I have a bad habit of looking at people a tad bit too much. People as in of both genders and I find it very unhealthy therefore yes I will change. 

I would also like to mention that this may not be the case for ALL people, but I believe some points of my blogposts made sense to you. It really does happen. 

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