Term break 1 overview.

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Haven't been updating much recently and no its not because my passion for blogging has died down. Its just because assignments are starting to pile up and its only the 2nd week of Term 2.
Now that I have a lot of essays to write, it finally feels like I'm in Melbourne to study.

Haven't had the chance to blog about my term break either so here is an overview of what I did throughout my 2 weeks of term break.

Hung out at Jason's place excessively and realized how awesome my friends are :)

 Sister's friend's place with a bunch of people from Sitiawan :)) 

Also got a chance to catch up with her, reminds me of the ol' band days ! :))

IMG_3732 copy
Travelled more than 45 minutes to have awesome peking duck and also hang out with more Sitiawan people. It was really like home in Melbourne.

IMG_3678 copy
Didn't get to go back home during term break but visited family and had foochow red wine chicken !! So Sitiawan for a week !!

IMG_3679 copy
also touched antique apple products that biaojiefu collects.

Spent two weeks without Shuying :( 


IMG_3699 copy
This picture is to deceive you into thinking I'm very thin and tall and everything HAHA. 

Had better chocolate pizza than mercadante HAHAHAHA.

IMG_3803 copy
Encounter God like never before at Planetshakers conference. :D

IMG_3816 copy
Felt absolutely loved when tired and moody me dragged myself to friend's place and he fried my favourite eggs for me even when he hates washing the dishes HAHA. What did I do to receive such great kindness ? :')

IMG_3932 copy
Watched Titanic 3D on the biggest screen in the world ! :D 

IMG_3923 copy
Another pic to make you think I'm pretty and everything HAHA

IMG_3712 copy
Cooked spaghetti. 
Ok technically Ziee & Shimun cooked it but I contributed by demonstrating my pro garlic cutting skills so yeah, I cooked spaghetti. 

IMG_0157 copy
Ate at Chez Dre and wrote a review on it. 

IMG_0600 copy
Ate something I cannot pronounce at Monarch and wrote a review on it. 

IMG_0465 copy
Visited St Kilda beach with Jason, ShiMun and Johan.

IMG_0547 copy

IMG_0012 - Copy copy
Celebrated Chee's birthday, surprising him in his boxers.

IMG_0140 copy
Camwhored on the roads at 3am in the morning

and lastly 
IMG_3970 copy
Decorated my room. 2PM forever and always :D

So yeah, I didn't really do anything extremely exciting because I'm a boring person who likes to eat but this term I'll be trying my best to lose weight and save money haha. 
Please pray that my determination doesn't fail me ok ? :) 

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