Reviving the love for 2PM.

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When you buy something you love and you don't frequently use it, it becomes nothing to you eventually. I have tons of 2PM goodies and ever since I came to Australia, I've stashed it all up in a small drawer in my room but recently I've reopened these boxes, and realized how much I still love 2PM.

I used to be a KPOP fan but that soon died down after hundreds of novice groups started sprouting up like mushrooms and I don't find any of them talented but my love for 2PM is still going on strong :D 

IMG_0005 copy
I've been using 2PM official clear file holders in school and many people have went "omg they're so hot where did you get this" and I was like "hahaha cos im cool."
Okay I didn't really say that. I just started blurting out all my 2PM facts whenever someone says that cos I need someone to share my love with. 

So here I am, sharing my 2PM love. Here are some 2PM goodies I just reloved :D

\IMG_0010 copy
My files !! Still not pulling out Taec's cos thats too precious.

IMG_0016 copy
My first 2PM album and 2PM plastic bag !
Jay Park was still in this album.

IMG_0018 copy
2PM stickerrrs. I stuck a large one on my computer but I accidentally tore it :/

IMG_0017 copy
Official concert towel !

IMG_0015 copy
I actually went "wtf was I thinking" when I saw this again.
I bought an exact same album Republic of 2PM with just different cover and photobook lol.

I know I spend a little too much on 2PM but they were like the only reason I actually save my pocket money up for haha. I need that motivation back !
At the end of this post you're probably thinking I'm a retard who spends her money on boys she has never met (not true I saw them at concert hahaha) but I'm still gonna say this :

I want that not very attracting green cat :/ Does anyone know where I can buy Okcat ? 

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