Wednesday, May 16

On my MAY calendar.

I have been procrastinating so much that I'm gonna blog about my plans for May in mid May lolol.
I've found it pretty effective to list down my goals and plans that I wish to achieve for May so yes, this is a blogpost dedicated to my goals and plans for May. :)


#1 13th : All Access 
Technically its a church event where you get to invite all your friends and let them experience what you experience in church every Sunday. Surprisingly 8 of my friends agreed to come with me even when there was HOI essay interview the very next day ! 

#2 EAP presentation
Happening tomorrow ! Wish me luck !!

#3 Band competition 
I may not be there to watch but I will be praying for ACS Sitiawan from Melbourne. Anyone going ? Do watch out for my fat brother on the bass drums hahaha.

#4 Meat diet !!
Happening right now ! I know my determination to go on diet has been failing miserably but this time I'm gonna give this a try. So far I've succeeded two days with no meat ! You cannot imagine how proud I am hahaha

Starting next Tuesday I'll be joining ZUMBA ! Its an exercise where you move alot. Super excited for it. It has been so long since I last sweated haha ! 

I have been applying for part time jobs for a while now. So far MCD rejected me twice, KFC rejected me twice, and when they finally decided to accept me, I rejected them, because at the same time I was applying for this store I really wanted to work in. Please pray that I get it ! 

Related to #5, I need more money to shop. I feel so guilty spending dad's money ! I have to multiply the price by 3.5 or something and thats just too much. I've been like eating RM30 nasi lemak every week. Not only that recently I've discovered tons of shopping websites mainly : Endless , Urban Outfitters , ASOS  SO YES, I have been puking rainbows for days ! 

This weekend and next Wednesday I will be out shopping too ! Which is why I'm on a meat diet, saving money and losing weight HAHA, two birds one stone. 

Goals for May : 

#1 Grow closer to God. 
I'm making it a habit to do my devotions every day but sometimes in the morning I just wake up feeling like meh so yes, something I really need to improve ! 

#2 STOP looking at boys. 
Not that there's a lot of boys my type in school but yeah, I should stop eyeing people because I think it brings a lot of discouragement. It really does WHICH, i will leave for another blogpost.

#3 Catch up with homework
HOI essay, LIT essay. I'm so glad that the subjects I chose : Maths, Maths2 & Physics doesn't require any essays / researches / presentations hahaha. 

#4 Possibly lose like 10 kgs


I'm so sorry for another wordy post but I promise I will be back with something interesting soon. Now that school has started it has been pretty busy but no my blog will not die :)


Xue Ren said...

wow! u have a hectic schedule wey! best of luck! :)

Hilda Milda™ said...

Good luck in shredding those kgs! I'm the midst of losing weight too :P