May haul.

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I miserably fail at saving money and I realized I only have this problem after coming to Melbourne. Instead of ranting about how guilty I am for spending so much money, I shall blog about something happy like my shopping haul hahaha. Seems legit to me.

Its not entirely my fault though
IMG_0373 copy
Who ask them got so many events.

Here goes my haul for May :) 
IMG_0210 copy
#1 Forever New 
Very high on leopard prints this month. Love die me. 

IMG_0354 copy
#2 Forever New
More leopard prints ! 
Found this leather DKNY sneaker on selling at only $42. So tempted to spendddd. 

IMG_0191 copy
#3 Meg Cabot book. 
I am an ultimate nerd and Meg Cabot is my all time favourite author. Imagine the joy of finding this book sold brand new at $5 and hard covered !

IMG_0192 copy
#4 Cotton On / Factorie
I finally have something warm to wear at night and something decent to wear to zumba/jogging. 

IMG_0225 copy
#5 Jay Jays
Have been in love with knitted tops and jackets too. Bought the camera necklace at a Garage Sale earlier this month for only $2 ! 

IMG_0228 copy
#6 Guess
This top was on sale and was so cheap I can't even 

IMG_0361 copy
#7 Jay Jays
Cincai picked this top. Intended to buy #5 only but cashier said there's a buy 2 for $20 promotion going on and #5's price is higher than $20. I don't get the promotions -___-

IMG_0232 copy
#8 Jeanswest 

IMG_0236 copy
Its so warm and comfy that I've been wearing it to class every day.
I don't even care to dress up anymore. That's how comfy this jacket is and it was on 20% discount during shopping festival ! 

IMG_0370 copy
#9 Typo
Worst buy of the month.
I've been searching for a coffee mug to bring coffee to school so I bought this cos I thought its pretty. 
Not only does it spill, it also smell like burnt plastic everytime I fill it with hot drinks. 
but I really needed a coffee mug

IMG_0365 copy
So I got this. Most amazing creation ever.
Doesn't spill and environmental friendly. 

IMG_0367 copy
Plug seals the opening tightly. 

Must save money next month. SERIOUS

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