If there is a will, there is a way

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Not long ago while crossing a street on a Friday morning, I saw a beggar, walking around chanting

"Change for something to eat please"

she actually goes up to pedestrians and starts to beg. No one that day, stopped to give her anything and every 5 minutes she would curse and rant stuff like 

"Seriously ? Are you fucking serious ??"

Which then scared of everyone including me and thus she ends up with no spare change. Just keep that scenario in your minds.

Now imagine this : 
There is another homeless woman who is always sitting outside McDonald with her dog. Like every day. She doesn't say a word to the pedestrians. All she has is a sign next to her dog saying she needs money for food and lodging. Guess what ? Everyone sympathises her. McDonald customers buy her burgers, passerbys give her cigarettes and she doesn't even need to open her mouth. 

Two different beggars.

 Which would you donate to ? 
I would say neither.

I am brought up in a family where my parents taught me since young never to beg. Begging is for unabashed people and if you have the ability to do something, why not do it yourself ? Stretching out your hand to beg, brings shame upon yourself. Which is why I don't sympathize beggars. 

I'm not saying I hate all beggars and never donate la. If there was a blind kid singing on the streets I'll most probably donate to him, even if it was a money making scheme cos I don't know, some kids get beaten up if they don't earn enough on the streets ? That's way kinder than spending my few cents on a woman who goes on to buy cigarettes with my money right ?

The homeless people I referred to probably won't read this but what I'm trying to say is I think we determine our own destiny. I would rather go through 1382384923 job rejects than sit on the streets begging. This doesn't just apply to the homeless. In our lives when we face problems, how easy would it be to just sit in a corner, do nothing and expect everyone else to sympathize me and solve my problems ? Isn't that another form of laziness ? 

As the saying goes : If there is a will, there is a way.
and that's so true. The road to your destination may be bumpy with tons of holes but if you give up at the start of the road, you will never get to your destination. You will end up like the beggars, always sitting at the corner of the street begging without getting up and doing something on their own.

So yes, start standing on your own two feet. Not everyone in this world will sympathize you, not everyone in this world will give you a helping hand. Your destiny is in your own hands. Its up to you what to do with it. 

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