Cafe Sweethearts.

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Hello food review post !
In our previous trip to South Melbourne, we wanted to try out Cafe Sweethearts but went to Chez Dre instead. Finally had the chance to check Cafe Sweethearts out last Saturday !

IMG_0239 copy
The interior of Cafe Sweethearts.
Wasn't what I expected. After having tried Chez Dre, one of the most famous brunch places, naturally I had pretty high expectations but luckily the food did not disappoint.

IMG_0240 copy
The breakfast menu.

IMG_0244 copy
The lunch menu.

This post is pretty bias because in the food aspect there is nothing I love more than eggs.

IMG_0242 copy
and they have two whole pages in the menu dedicated to eggs.
I eggsploded in happiness. Literally.

IMG_0260 copy
Just for fun because lab class ended early today.

IMG_0273 copy
The company plus Jason.

IMG_0322 copy
Meet Edward, Jason and Shuying's friend who came to visit.

IMG_0257 copy
Chee got a new camera and some lens so we played around with it until the food came

IMG_0312 copy
So cute hahahaha.

IMG_0296 copy

IMG_0279 copy
 Eggs Forestiere Poached

IMG_0280 copy
Eggs Florentine

IMG_0287 copy
Eggs Benedict

IMG_0288 copy
Eggs La Mer

IMG_0283 copy
BLT Chicken 

IMG_0282 copy
Chicken Sandwich
No idea why Ziee ordered this when he's such a meatlover. Obviously looks very green to me and not too much of the chicken. 

The last two dishes were from the lunch menu and you probably can see from the pictures what this cafe has to offer. TONS OF EGGS. 

IMG_0291 copy
Compared to Chez Dre, the food isn't as good but the eggs sure are. 
Perfectly poached and covered with hollandaise sauce. 

IMG_0300 copy
I LOVE runny egg yolks. Up up up point for Cafe Sweethearts ! 
The mushrooms were delicious too but I didn't enjoy the bacon as much. 
The coffee was pretty average too and has no pretty latte art on the coffee.
Price wasn't as expensive as Chez Dre either. Ranging from $14 - $18 for the egg section

Nice place to chill in the morning.  The restaurant wasn't big but it wasn't very cramped up. Great place for egg lovers to indulge in some awesome eggs but it would do no justice to the restaurant if you try it after Chez Dre. 

Ratings : 7/10

Café Sweethearts
263 Coventry St Map.4c8df68 
South MelbourneVIC 3205
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More fun places to visit in South Melbourne :
South Melbourne market 
IMG_0350 copy

IMG_0343 copy
Edited this because I like the feel of it lol. 

IMG_0347 copy

Not only is it a market for food, its a market for the fashionistas.
There is one particular shop selling vintage clothing and there was this super pretty 1980 something coat with real fur. Couldn't remember what but it was so soft. The price was really amazing too.

Term 2 exam is starting soon, essays are piling up too. 
Wish me luck please !

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