The start of term break :))

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HELLO. Yesterday there was a Sitiawan gathering at sis's friend's place.

Ok technically it was their high school reunion too LOL 
Loads of awesome good food. Felt so much like home !



After the gathering, me, Alnick and his brother Alex waited a whole 15 minutes for the tram with the massive wind blowing at us and amazingly, I forgot my jacket. Got stuck on the tram once in the city because there were police road blocks and by the time I reached Jason's zen mode, it was already nearly 1AM. Dropped dead tired but still stayed till 2AM to watch Final Destination and ate more of Jason's bro's desserts :D

Today : 

Sent Shu Ying off to Malaysia then went shopping at one of the biggest factory outlets here with Shi Mun, Jason, Joel, Melvin and Alex. 

#OOTD  Decided to wear this maxi skirt because it was easy to take off. Convenient for trying on clothes :D

Everyone's shopping bags. The boys spent so much on Ralph Lauren and Levis. 

Favourite digs today : 

IMG_9916 copy
Cutest mouse pad ever. I bought one earlier from OfficeWorks, plain red, rectangular and ugly. Got it just because its the cheapest ($5) and I desperately needed one but then today I found this at Typo and it was only $2 !!

IMG_9928 copy
Have been searching for the perfect Toga dress and finally found it at Glassons today ! Priced $25 but when I went to the cashier it was only $7.50 HAPPY DIE ME OK. 

IMG_9924 copy
Lastly the cutest knit scarf ever from Cotton On Body. Only $5 ! 

All in all, I didn't even spend $50 (including taxi fares) I'm so proud of myself hahahaha.


Recently I realized my blogposts have been focusing alot on myself and my life. No more long PSA posts or posts on relationships. No current affairs, no debates on news. What do you guys think ? Do you guys like serious posts on something else other than my life ? :)

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