Planetshakers conference 2012

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Haven't been blogging much but I have a legit reason.
 I have been going to Planetshakers Conference 2012.

IMG_0145 copy

I went hoping to encounter God like never before and I must say, I really did.
During the conference, God felt so real, his presence felt so so real. 

You must be saying "omg another religious post"
but then again, Christianity, its a relationship, not a religion. 

At the start of the conference, I knew there was a God, I just didn't fully believe he could heal people and save lives. I bet most of you feel the same way too no ? I prayed hard for God to show himself to me. What with everyone saying how great he is. I wanted him to show me how great he is.  I wanted him to show me that great love everyone talked about.


First let me show you how planetshakers is like. 

IMG_3750 copy
Thousands of people flocking to Hisense Arena (place where Australian Open was held)

IMG_3760 copy

IMG_3753 copy

IMG_3759 copy
The awesome people I attended with.
There were SO MANY PEOPLE, and to get good seats I would be there an hour earlier and stay there for the whole day. Even during lunch and dinner break. 

IMG_3822 copy
The amount of people was CRAZY. There were buses of people from all around the world, even South Korea. They used translating devices to translate sermons. Its amazing to what extent they will do just to encounter Jesus. 

IMG_3836 copy

IMG_3771 copy
If you come to planetshakers, I tell you it will change your perception of church. 

IMG_3784 copy

IMG_3803 copy
During praise and worship. It was like clubbing, and according to Alnick, we were dancing and jumping because we were drunk with the Holy Spirit lol. 

IMG_3830 copy
Amazing moment when everyone lifted their iphones and light lit around the whole stadium. 

I really don't know how to describe this encounter except for its amazing. 
At first I was really reluctant to go. I didn't want to wake up at 7am on a cold morning and I didn't want to walk home at 10.30pm but soon I realized, this is the best thing I've signed up for. 

Here is one of my testimonies. I had really dry palms. Surprisingly my hands  didn't sweat at all during the conference and it was so dry that it looked like someone cut a million cuts on my hands. So painful I couldn't even clap. I applied so much of moisturiser but it was still painful and was at the edge of bleeding until pastor Chris Hill preached about healing. 
After that, I didn't need anymore moisturiser. It didn't hurt anymore and I knew this wasn't because my hands decided to not troll me anymore. It was God. 

Before I went to conference I always felt concious about what people thought of me. What if people thought I looked stupid while jumping around ? What if that good looking guy behind me thinks I look fat ? but now, if I look stupid, well be it. My sole purpose is to praise God, not impress the hot dude behind any way.

Chris Hill : "I don't need an M16, I've got a John 3:16" 

I felt like I've grown so much. Now I believe that God is a God who heals, a God who loves me and even if I'm the last person on Earth, he would still die on the cross for me. :) 

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