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St Kilda has always been famous for cakes. We had the chance to visit one of the popular cake shops when we were there during term break : Monarch Cakes

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What makes Monarch Cakes stand out among all the other cake shops lined up on Acland St ?

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Well the website says Monarch Cakes has been baking from the same recipe for 75 years and originated from Poland. Seventy five years ! Can you believe it ? 

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I love the vintage setting of the whole store. 

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Even the cashier looks so vintage ! 

If you so happen to be at St Kilda, you must try the famous kugelhoupf

I couldn't pronounce it, so I ended up pointing it out to the guy at the counter. Turns out its pronounced as koo-girl-hoff.

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This is honestly the best thing I've ever tasted. The outer skin is like cake + bread, and the melted chocolate just throws you into a mouth orgasm. I personally loved it. 

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Polish baked cheesecake. 
The cheesecake tasted good, the texture though was a little too tough. 
If only it was a little softer, then it would be perfect. 

 IMG_0599 copy
Plum cake. 
Not our cup of tea but if you're a person looking for something that's not too sweet, then try this. 
Though the taste of the plums were strong, but there were too little plums. Could be better if it wasn't so much of dry plum tasting dough. 

IMG_0606 copy
Average. Was too bitter. I would suggest you spend the money on the cakes instead :) 

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With Shi Mun, Jason and Johan.

Overall it was a nice place to chill. The cakes weren't expensive, averagely priced. I will definitely be back for the kugelhoupf and the next time, i'll make sure everyone eats kugelhoupf. 
Though there were a lot of varieties but nearly everyone who went to the shop got the kugelhoupf so yeah that must say something. 

Rating : 6/10

Monarch Cakes
103 Acland St 
St Kilda Vic 3182

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