Jason's surprise 2012.

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We planned for a whole two weeks for Jason's surprise birthday and I am glad to say,

We went to the extent of stealing his handsome double degree brother's number to get us into his apartment. I also skipped Physics lecture to walk halfway across the city to get his cake but then again I heard half the Physics class skipped lecture so yeah I didn't miss out much. 

IMG_9682 copy
Our awesome card. 

IMG_9692 copy
Birthday wishes.

IMG_9710 copy
Printed all his epic moments. 

IMG_9696 copy
Credits to Shuying and Shimun who really put in a lot of effort to make this cardd. 

IMG_9739 copy

IMG_9746 copy
Excited people !

IMG_9755 copy
Outside his apartment. 

IMG_9772 copy
Waiting for 12am at the lobby.

IMG_9801 copy
Taking off our shoes before slowly creeping into his apartment. 

and when it was time, 
IMG_9803 copy

IMG_9805 copy

IMG_9817 copy
He expected the gift, but he never expected us to actually contact his brother to plan for this.

IMG_0257 copy
said to be "best cake in Melbourne"

IMG_9839 copy

IMG_9857 copy
Love max the colours la !

IMG_9943 copy

IMG_9860 copy

IMG_9833 copy
Our timeline cover photos :)

IMG_9852 copy

IMG_9878 copy

IMG_9888 copy
Boys who will always be, boys.

IMG_9883 copy
Doing what boys do best. 

IMG_9913 copy

Shimun and Shuying had polaroid cameras and I am currently so in love with it that I'm considering getting one myself. 

IMG_9923 copy

IMG_9925 copy
Picture taken by Jason's bro's proass lens. 

IMG_9895 copy
Birthday boy and his girl :B :B

IMG_9904 copy

It was already 2am by the time we left Jason's apartment
IMG_9908 copy
Everyone was literally drop dead tired. 

I had early Maths class the following morning and I was practically DEAD.  The following day was also the last day of our term, which means 
You don't know how awesome this is, there's already plans for gatherings, Planetshakers conference, rock climbing, shopping sprees etc etc. I'M SO EXCITEDDD.

So anyway, Jason will probably read this post and start giggling to himself but yeah Jason is an awesome friend who walks us back home even though its the opposite direction to his apartment. He's an awesome friend who notices all my emo tweets and tries to cheer me up. He's an awesome friend who lets us hang around his house all the time. He's an awesome friend who has an awesome brother who tapao-ed expensive cake for us yesterday :D 

Conclusion, he's an awesome friend :) 

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