Monday, April 23

I can't wait to get over April.

I'm so sorry for making you guys worry on Twitter / Facebook. Thank you for the phone calls and texts. I must admit, I was thinking too much. You know how people always say I'll meet more people that I will somehow be attracted to ? Of course there is a lot of attractive people but then again "Beauty gets the attention, personality gets the heart"
Falling for the looks, its shallow. 

I used to think that if I like him, whether or not he likes me doesn't matter because what I should care is my very own feelings.  Then I came to Melbourne, and insecurity took a hold of me. That lead to many unhappy tweets and conversations. I started to care about that person's feelings towards me, I started to think. I got selfish, panicking over every small detail. I hate feeling like that.

Yesterday I spent a whole afternoon strolling at the park, fixing all that I felt broken inside. 
I realized that I'm the only person who can control whether or not I'm upset. Its pathetic to depend on someone else for your happiness. I can choose to be happy so why choose to be emo ? 
Whether or not that person feels the same way as I do doesn't matter because if its meant to be, there will be a time. If its not meant to be, then I'll just shrug off and move on :) 
From now on, I'll take care of my feelings more. Whether or not you feel it, doesn't matter anymore. Cos all these love from people who cared, its enough :) 

I honestly feel super blessed to have such great friends here. 
Jason, Shuying , Shimun. What did I do to deserve such great people. T__T

I just ran out 13GB internet for April and is currently hogging on Shuying's. FIVE MORE DAYS TILL I GET INTERNET. CANT WAIT. 

Due to term break (which has ended finally), I also ran out of money but its not like I spend every day lah, stuff is just expensive here. I even applied for jobs ! But MCD rejected me before even interviewing me but thats ok, their loss :) 

Will update about something non-personal-me when I get my internet. BAAAI :D

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