Chez Dré

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Tram 96 on Bourke towards St Kilda and you reach Chez Dré, one of the famous bakery/coffee places.

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Chez Dré

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Went in through the back lane because it was our first time exploring that place. 

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I loved the setting and the furnitures. 

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The whole cafe gives you a really peaceful morning feeling. It wasn't too hot, it wasn't too cold. There were no clattering sounds of plates and no waitresses talking loudly, the only talking loudly people were apparently us, and I don't find it surprising. We're Asian lololol. 

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Self brewed coffee right next to us. Peaceful morning feeling with aromatic smell of coffee. Great start to a long day. 

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Mocha. $4
I used to hate how some cafes make too bitter mochas, or too sweet mochas. This apparently is perfectly balanced. Not the bitter, not too sweet. 

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 Croque Madame $15
Being foodies who only take pictures and not really care about the content, I had no idea what it was, I just randomly picked it out the menu but I was so excited to see my favourite egg sitting right on top of the rocket pesto (the green thing)

I really liked the Croque Madame though I didn't really enjoy the smelly leaves in it (sorry I don't know whats it called. It must be like celery or coriander or something) but there was a very generous amount of portebello mushrooms and I love mushrooms ! Emmental cheese and bechamel sauce tasted mouth orgasmic too. I'm not exaggerating. I really think its that awesome.

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Poached eggs on sourdough $16.50
The sourdough was crispy but pretty impossible to eat with a knife and fork. Everyone ended up using their  hands. The green mash under the smoked salmon is smashed avocado and goat cheese. Not something everyone would like unless you really like avocados, and cheese. 

What I really really liked about this dish was 
IMG_0220 copy
The poached eggs ! 
Had really disappointing poached eggs the morning before so oh how relieved I was to see flowing egg yolks. 

Then we moved on to desserts
IMG_0158 copy

IMG_0161 copy
Well I moved on to desserts technically. 

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Rows and rows of macaroons I can't decide ! I reckon chocolate was good but the last one was taken when I rushed to the counter sigh.   In the end I asked for staff recommendation and they recommended 

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Passionfruit and salted caramel. $3 each

It wasn't the same as the usual overly sweet macaroons. In fact it really tasted like passionfruit and salted caramel, not just sugar and more sugar. 
The passion fruit wasn't too sweet and had a hint of sourness, the salted caramel was well, salty.
Sadly compared to another equally good store on collins (with waiters with gloves damn atas can), its a little more pricey.

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Didn't try any of the breads because we were all stuffed after the macaroons. 
Will come back for more of this !

The company : 
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Shi Mun & Johan

IMG_0236 copy
Jason & Me

IMG_0239 copy
Face of a satisfied customer (with handsome coffee brewer looking our way :D)

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and we left through the REAL entrace lol. 

IMG_0272 copy
Four of us with a total sum of $74.50

Overall I find the food satisfying but what buys the customers most is the environment. Great place if you want to just chill on a lazy Saturday morning. Though on the pricey side, this is one place I would come back again.

Rating : 8/10

Chez Dré
287 Convetry St
South Melbourne, Vic 3205

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