Chee's surprise

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Chee has been one of the bestest friends from back home and how glad I am that he is in Melbourne ! So few weeks ago was his birthday and we surprised him, in his boxers.

IMG_9967 copy
Outside his apartment, digging for candles, getting the cake out the box. 

IMG_9977 copy
Cake bearer.

IMG_9981 copy
Don't know why we picked the blurrest out of all to be the cake bearer. 

IMG_9982 copy
The birthday boy. Note trousers on bed. 

IMG_9987 copy
All the happy people

IMG_9999 copy
Chee the birthday boy. 

IMG_0026 copy
Ngong meng friend ! 

IMG_0012 - Copy copy

IMG_0044 copy
Our gift to him. INSTANT POLAROID GIFT on his bedroom wall. 

IMG_0033 copy
Random Jason pic. 

Proceeded to chill out in Chee's room just chatting. 

IMG_0056 copy
Until I introduced them the best game ever. 
The REAL draw something. 

IMG_0075 copy

IMG_0082 copy
Then all the tired people stated getting hyped up. 

IMG_0089 copy
and started drawing something. With pencil and paper. 
Unlike kids today who draw on iPad / iPhone pfft. 
Will blog on how to play this game soon. Its so good I must share to everyone ! 

The night didn't end like that. Left Chee's house around 2.30am and realized there were no cars on the streets. So we started taking jumpshots and group pictures on the road. 

IMG_0140 copy
Jason, Ziee, Joel, Shi Mun, Me, Amanda, Su Ann and Alnick.
Sorry Chee, you're still on our minds though :) 

Reached home at 3am and everyone was drop dead tired. 
Had to wake up at 7 the next day so imagine how dead I was. I can't survive without 8 hours of sleep time. I'm a pig like that

The night was a success. It was planned at the last minute but we managed to pull it off. He didn't even suspect anything ! Credits to Shi Mun who rushed over to help make the card even though her mum was visiting Melbourne. 

So yes, that is part of my awesome term break that is coming to an end. 
I have apparently a lot to blog about but I'll have to leave the rest for another day. BAAI :D

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