BERSIH in Melbourne

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On Saturday, Malaysians in yellow flocked to Federation Square to participate in the annual Bersih demonstration. If you don't know what Bersih is, well here's a wikipedia link : BERSIH

IMG_0632 copy
The weather reports said it would be raining that afternoon but surprisingly it didn't rain at all during the day. 

IMG_0634 copy
When I arrived at Fed Square it has already started. 
It was one of those days I feel a wave of patriotism and its not even Independence Day
There were approximately 1,250 people at the rally, making us the biggest Bersih crowd outside Malaysia

IMG_0699 copy
The stage with all the banners. 

IMG_0740 copy
It was a very peaceful demonstration with no interruptions. 
I went home, turned on the internet to read the chaos in Malaysia and wonder what went wrong. There's demonstrations EVERY WEEK in Melbourne and I don't see any tear gas or overturned police cars. 

IMG_0720 copy
Managed to squeeze further up front. 

IMG_0712 copy
There were old aunties somewhere admist the crowd shouting stuff like "YES BERSIH !" but there were also young people. I would say the majority, were young people.  I'm amazed with the young people's enthusiasm la !! They even have posters and banners :  

IMG_4018 copy
(extracted from Instagram)

IMG_0707 copy
The meme / 9gag influence. 


IMG_0730 copy
Me taking a picture of the photographers taking a picture of us lol 

IMG_0758 copy
Bumped into my sister at Fed Square. 

IMG_0759 copy
and the company.

It was really an interesting experience to be part of a crowd, doing something for my own country. You may or may not agree with Bersih but from what I see through the videos, I'm actually pretty proud that my country overcame the barriers between races to work together. That 1Malaysia spirit is so evident during the Bersih rally. If without that teamwork, how on Earth would they have overturned that car ? HAHA. sorry I find that really epic and wish I was there to experience tear gas and flip cars lolol. 


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