Battleship review.

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Ok its weird cos the poster says May and I'm blogging this in April 

Today my friends bought tickets for battleship at the wrong time and we watched for like 15 minutes from the middle until Joel went and exchange our tickets. 

Heres my review on the movie Battleship.
This movie is simply AMAZING to me.  Titanic and Pearl Harbour were amazing, this is amazing. Now I'm starting to think all movies that involves ships are amazing lol. 


The movie started with a drunk man at a bar, Alex Hopper (Taylor Kitsch) with is brother and my first impression was
"Damn, this dude is ugly, don't tell me this movie will be about him, wheres all the hot armies ?"
but then soon, that ugly dude went for a haircut and came back looking like this 

john carter premiere 3 010312
Hot die me. 
I'm being biased cos I like muscle men and this movie is technically about muscle navy men trying to get rid of these aliens that landed in the pacific ocean and is threatening the Earth. If you love watching men flexing their huge muscles then yes you really should watch this movie.

Not only that,
Rihanna looks mad hot in this movie. I just don't get why there's one single woman in the midst of a ship of hardcore army men. She's hot nevertheless. I love army movies sorry. 

What I find though is that this movie is VERY SIMILAR, to Transformers. 
What with all the life from outer space threatening our lives and all. All the guns, machines, bombs and yeah that one super hero with his super hot girlfriend. Sure. 


and not forgetting the aliens

Doesn't this remind you of power rangers ? It sure does to me.

Battleship1 (1)
and there was the Asian part. Putting a bunch of Asians to win the Asian market. Japanese (left) and Alex Hopper (right) were rivals at the start, but soon joined hands after the Japanese showed what he's capable at, and also after irresponsible childish Alex grew up. 

Honestly i think the trailer didn't really do this movie any justice. This movie is really thumbs up and everyone should watch it. It left me and my friends wanting for more action and I bet it will leave you with that impression too.

Rating : 9/10 

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